Take Your Place

Through the years a war has been waged. Racially and culturally. Whites, a once proud people, have been handed defeat after defeat it seems since the 1960’s. The country our grandparents lived in and enjoyed is vastly different than the one we have today. A person conscious of this, yet not on our side, would ask himself why this is. Why is it that things seem to be getting worse? Also, why is it that such seemingly small numbers of people are the only ones willing to do anything about it?

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Wrap My Hijab (Around My Fucking Neck)

Wrap my Hijab. Wrap my Hijab. Wrap wrap my Hijab.” Oh, heavens. What fucking country are we in.

This is the very question I asked myself when I saw a friend share the video on social media. The answer is simple. It’s the continuing colonization of the country we love by the shit skinned invaders. Not a colonization by force, yet, but a colonization through the normalization of the Islamic culture (if you can call it that) and their customs. Yes, it may sound silly but through the normalization comes the dropping of the guard. A guard that must remain up when dealing with these barbarians.

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Minneapolis: A Response to the Chimp

So on July 15th, Justine Ruszczyk,40, was gunned down by Mohamed Noor, a Somalian immigrant “cop” (fucking diversity hire) with what seems to be no provocation, from the passenger seat of his police cruiser while she was engaged in conversation with Noor’s partner. We know this. I wrote an article about it. Of course you read it….

Since the shooting, a certain┬áMinneapolis City Council Member, Abdi Warsame, has been “pushing back” against the media, racism and Islamophobia. Well I, Larry Ridgeway, am here to “push back” against him and his brown hordes who wish to come here and colonize our country.

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The Time for Cohesion

In my lifetime I have seen and learned about many things that have come to an end. The Roman Empire, the Third Reich and an endless list of other things. All have declined then fallen through internal decay and external forces prompting the end. One thing has remained constant through the ages. That is the white mans dedication to perseverance and ability to subjugate and control individual interests for the good of the group. Unfortunately, this isn’t what I think can be done in the case of White Nationalists and Southern Nationalists.

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Bull Connor: History’s Unsung Hero

Looking back on my childhood, I remember the names of men put forth as men that were worthy of looking up to. I remember the story of how Lincoln freed the blacks and how Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and was told that these men were heroes for their heroic deeds. Upon further examination though, it is not these men that are heroes, it is the men who stood against them that are the real heroes. Men who stood up against the tide of, not only federal overreach, but the breach in contract with the laws of nature – blacks are lesser thans and, if anything, should be subjugated. When opposition to the “muh Civil Rights” movement comes to mind, one can think of none other than Bull Connor.

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