Mattel® Embraces Faggotry: Meet the Kens

My friends, the news is expected, but shitty nonetheless. The faggotry that is The Current Year…is not slowing down. We all know this to be true, but I think we can all take time out of our day to just bathe in the absolute garbage that is our modern  society. Toys are a huge part of the life of a child. They teach them things, whether they’re meant to be learned by the child or not. So when the creators of Barbie and Ken rolled out their new series of dolls, I could not help but turn red and shake.

This ad for the new Barbie and Ken line showcased many of the problems facing our society today. There is miscegenation (I know, they’re dolls, they were postured to make one think), the continued pussification of the white male and the overall message of embracing diversity. I hate all of this shit.

We’ll start with the effort of planting the seeds of acceptance that miscegenation is okay. Lisa McKnight, senior vice president and general manger of Barbie, said, “We are re-defining what a Barbie or Ken looks like to this generation.” She also later went on to say that, “These new Ken variations allow girls to further personalize the role they want him to play in Barbie’s world.” Oh, so you mean that now our daughters can make a faggot best friend for their dolls (possible future fag-hag in the making)? Or that they can pick up Barbie’s black Ken doll from prison? White girls need to just read classic novels and knit. Sadly, a childhood with toys geared to teach them things of such self-destructive power, without their knowledge, is like taking a time released poison capsule.

Richie Rich, 46 year old fashion designer and drag queen look-a-like, said in regards to Kens newfound sense of style, that “The world is safer for all genres of people, gay boys and boys in general can play with dolls with more freedom. Ken needed an update.”

Ummm…. what the fuck? Why the fuck is a faggot clothing designer weighing in on issues that deal with children? Of course he would encourage boys to play with dolls. Feminize the youth is certainly in his agenda. Convince them at a young age that feminine behavior is acceptable. Can there not be girls toys and boys toys?

Let me be the first to say that the new Ken dolls look like homosexual figurines. All of this further stigmatizes, in the eyes of young kids,  the white male who carries himself like an actual man and dresses the part. Would you expect any better than this stemming from the brainchild of (((Ruth Handler))) (born Rubenstein)?

Image result for boys playing with Barbie
That’s a boy on the right. This is child abuse.

We are also making fat Barbies now. Fat dolls to make fat kids feel better. The reason that fat Barbies weren’t a thing before is because by making fat Barbie dolls it would make fat girls feel like they are beautiful. They are not. These are not supposed to be terrifying toys. The fact they are dolls implies there is an emphasis on beauty for the little girl playing with the toy. Having fat dolls encourages body-positivity. The whole idea that fat people should be positive about their body is legitimately the worst thing for them. Obese people need shamed, not to have children’s toys shaped like them.

We live in a world full of degeneracy. A world where even the smallest things, such as children’s toys, are geared toward our destruction. There needs to be a return to more traditional ways of bringing up kids. Get these little figurines that symbolize materialism out of their hands and place in it a book, a kite, anything that will teach them something of value. Sadly, this trend will continue. This filth will continue to be remade into toys, movies and the diversity and acceptance will really jazz up the spirits of those we hate the most.

Unless of course, something is done.


  1. About a week ago my 8 year old son asked me “daddy do I have any dolls”? I don’t know where that came from. He doesn’t have a sister. Only a teenage brother. I replied “No son, girls play with dolls”. He was quiet for a minute and then asked “well do I have any action figures”? He has a box of toys in his room that he rarely plays with that is full of Iron Man and Spider man action figures that he played with when he was younger. I reminded him of his toy box and that was the end of the conversation.

    This article sparks a question in my mind. He’s around dozens of other children in school and summer camp, and I have no way to police the things they talk about or what he’s exposed to. Is there some faggot-in-training in his summer camp who has a kooky lesbian mother teaching him to play with dolls? Is my son being presented with this confusion by being forced to coexist with such a child? It may be nothing. I handled it like a father should. But this is precisely why I’ve been fighting this crap my entire life.

  2. It is hard to comprehend the level of degeneracy in American pop culture, and new even in toys. Ken does not look like GI Joe action figures did when I was a child in the 80s. But taking it a step further, are movable “action figures” for boys a crafty transition between normal boy toys like cap guns and dolls? I never thought of that as a child, but I wonder if it was part of a Hegelian dialectic to gradually destroy boys. Our whole culture seems to have been subverted and gradually changed by a certain (((tribe))). Who would have thought that toys could be a weapon used against traditional families and societies?

    1. I thought of that concern too. Maybe GI Joe was just a prelude to this. But then if you go down that rabbit hole, you have to also include those little green molded army men we used to get in a pack as a form of “doll”, and one can spiral back through several centuries of wooden figures like the “nutcracker” soldiers with moving parts. Those GI Joe action figures held guns and knives, not vanity mirrors. The wooden nutcrackers represented virtue and honor and service to nation in the mind of small boys. Those molded plastic figurines were pawns in a staged imaginary war for a tike playing outside in the dirt. I’m in full agreeement that in the current year, toys are being weaponized as propaganda. The action figures of our youth were used that way too, but the message then was multiculturalism and American exceptionalism. Those plastic army figurines were popular as far back as the 50s, maybe 40s?… and their message was also about American exceptionalism in the post-war era. Who knows, I imagine the wooden soldiers that boys played with in older times were also subtle propaganda. Certainly baby dolls were always meant to encourage motherly instincts in young girls. Have you noticed in the past 10-15 years how you see far fewer little girls carrying baby dolls and instead have glamor-type dolls that encourage sexuality? Go to the girls toy section at Wal-Mary. They have put bigger heads with big innocent looking cartoonish eyes and make-up on pubescent or adult female bodies to market toward younger girls (elementary school aged). You hardly see little girls anywhere carrying around a baby doll and fake baby bottle, whereas when I was a young boy, that’s pretty much exclusively what girls that age plyed with.
      On a side note about GI Joe…a lot of millennial aged men aren’t as familiar with these as Gen Xers such as myself or Baby Boomers, but GI Joe action figures have a long history going all the way back to the 60s. In fact, the 60s GI Joe dolls were much larger than the hand sized figures we played with as kids, even bigger than Barbie or Ken dolls. They were like 12 inches tall and had (I think removable) clothing accessories.