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This country is a flaming bag of shit right now, fam. From forced “equality” with unequals and the fact degenerate homosexuals are allowed to parade through our streets, it’s often hard to imagine living in a world that is more backwards than this one. We live in a country that is basically a shopping mall of degeneracy – whatever crazy, destructive nonsense you’re into, we got it. Until today I had thought maybe we couldn’t get any more absurd. Well, at least for a little while. Boy, was I mistaken!

This day in June, I came across an article with the headline “Transgender man happily announces he is pregnant with gay husband.” I thought to myself… “what the fuck?” So, in Portland, Oregon – Trystan Reese, 34, and get this, Biff Chaplow are having a little mutant child this summer.

Trystan is the girl to boy creature, while Biff, is the male homosexual. This will be the third child in their “family.” The first conceived by the two freaks, while the other two were tragically adopted. Unfortunately, virtue signalling mustn’t have been a high priority for these two because they adopted two white children. That’s a damn shame.

Two kids that didn’t have a choice and were allowed, by the state, to be settled in a home with two obviously mentally unstable people. First, you have the chick that’s larping as a guy (mental illness) and a homosexual that is married to a female larping as a dude. They are both bat shit crazy. I move that any children adopted by homosexuals and trans critters have to be minorities. They deserve it.


Everyone knows that homosexuals reproduce through abuse in many cases. This turns most homosexual houses into faggot breeding camps. I suppose, given how far we’ve fallen that’s a virtuous thing in the minds of some. Society looks at these people as more normal than you or I. We’re in late stage Roman decline and these two are practically given an award – in reality, they should be in straitjackets (at the very least).

Sadly, these two freaks haven’t experienced one ounce of the dreaded “transphobia.” They called ahead before the six-week ultrasound to let the doctors know that they’d be working with a pregnant trans dad and didn’t even get any indication of surprise. This is not good.

It wasn’t that long ago that “people” of this ilk would be ostracized from all social circles. Now, it is the proud white man who is relegated to the back of the bus to make way for this band of filthy, child molesting, reality distorting scumbags. People that make a mockery of everything good in this land, and they’ve felt no shame? They haven’t been ridiculed? Why not, white man? We are well within our rights to make these people feel disgrace. We should be doing all we can to remind them whose country this is.

It is so sinister, the agenda of our enemies. Good people, like you, the reader, wish to have a nice place to raise your children and the means to provide for them. Instead – you are threatened with the prospect of having your means of providing for them taken away for speaking to power about returning to the customs that made this land great. We all understand what it’s like to be the outcasts in a country built by our ancestors and handed down through the ages.

We have always overcome. We can do it again. Our children don’t need to grow up around this slime.

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