We are Southern Nationalists and Alt-Right. Our goal is to achieve the independence of Dixieland.

Your Southern ancestors’ memorials and flags are being defiled and dishonored? Are you just going to stand on the sideline and do nothing? If you’ve had enough, then you’re in the right place and have the right (Southern) stuff.

Sit back, enjoy the articles and listen to our podcast, Rebel Yell.

Feel free to contact us with any feedback.

The South Rises.


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  1. I’m just discovering your site, this owing to your articles on Brad Griffin’s website. Being a fellow Confederate, though from North Carolina, I’ll do what I can do to support you. God bless you and yours!

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  2. I am a Copperhead from Lake Superior who spent 20 years down South (VA, GA, LA, TN, NC and SC) and I wish you all the best. Just remember that had Lincoln not arrested Northern newspaper editors for “sedition,” and sent troops to threaten the Maryland legislature, much of the North and the border states would have been very sympathetic to Southern independence and views, especially on race. The Second Klan boomed up north. I would be happy to see the Stars and Bars flyover the entire country, and not see the South leave.


  3. I would like to know more about this site (I just discovered it). I am Southern and will always be. Born and reared in Mississippi, married in Louisiana and lived in Texas the past 40 years. I have instructed my son that at my funeral, there are two songs I would like to be sung. 1. “Blessed Assurance” and 2.”Dixie.” And Dick Chenny can kiss my you-know-what if he doesn’t like it. I do a little writing and my WS is devoted to the South http://www.paulhyarbrough.com I, too am disturbed about the way the South continues to be attacked. But i would like to know more about this site.

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  4. Just found this site,I am Southwest Virginia born and bred..lived in South
    Georgia a long time. I am very ashamed and disturbed at the path Virginia has taken in these tumultuous times for our Southern way of life. I believe secession is our only hope of survival. I find myself increasingly at odds with the USA…I have always felt that my first loyality should be to the Southland. I now know how General LEE felt when he decided he must leave the US military and defend his Virginia home.. DIXIE FOREVER !

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