We are Southerners, or Dixians, as some of us have come to call ourselves, who dare to resist our own genocide. We are the descendants of the European (overwhelmingly British) settlers who tamed this part of North America, who fought hostile natives and built a great civilization in what was previously wilderness territory. Now we are the natives and we face both subversive and overtly hostile invaders and our hireling leaders have sided with the enemy. It’s a recipe for interesting times.

We are a distinct ethnic group from the descendants of the Puritans who settled New England and who re-annexed us into their expanding empire over 150 years ago. The good news for us is they have created much debt, many enemies and failed to have enough children to replace themselves. In short, that empire is crumbling.

Our ethnic identity and the long term flourishing of our ethnic nation (the only true nation we will ever be members of) is the rightful foundation on which our political ideology should be based. On that foundation, these core positions have come to the forefront:

1) We are “Dixie First” before the American Empire and before any other nation, including Israel.

2) We present ourselves as a distinct ethnic group among the nations of the world.

3) The land of Dixie is our rightful territorial claim and we promote it as such.

4) We seek political sovereignty for our people within Dixieland, our homeland.

5) We encourage above replacement fertility for Dixians.

6) We discourage miscegenation between Dixians and other ethnic groups.

7) We promote patriarchy and hetero-cis normative culture for Dixie, embracing the differences between the two sexes in form, psyche and function.

8) We embrace Christianity as Dixie’s dominant religion and seek to establish it over all other religions/non religions in public matters.

9) While industrial centers, ports and cities meet many material needs, the farm, the homestead and the small town are our cultural base and should remain so.

10) We deny equality among men and endorse hierarchy among men as the only just and sustainable way to govern our nation. While it is still possible to go wrong with hierarchy, it is impossible to go right with egalitarianism.


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  1. I’m just discovering your site, this owing to your articles on Brad Griffin’s website. Being a fellow Confederate, though from North Carolina, I’ll do what I can do to support you. God bless you and yours!

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  2. I am a Copperhead from Lake Superior who spent 20 years down South (VA, GA, LA, TN, NC and SC) and I wish you all the best. Just remember that had Lincoln not arrested Northern newspaper editors for “sedition,” and sent troops to threaten the Maryland legislature, much of the North and the border states would have been very sympathetic to Southern independence and views, especially on race. The Second Klan boomed up north. I would be happy to see the Stars and Bars flyover the entire country, and not see the South leave.

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  3. I would like to know more about this site (I just discovered it). I am Southern and will always be. Born and reared in Mississippi, married in Louisiana and lived in Texas the past 40 years. I have instructed my son that at my funeral, there are two songs I would like to be sung. 1. “Blessed Assurance” and 2.”Dixie.” And Dick Chenny can kiss my you-know-what if he doesn’t like it. I do a little writing and my WS is devoted to the South http://www.paulhyarbrough.com I, too am disturbed about the way the South continues to be attacked. But i would like to know more about this site.

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  4. Just found this site,I am Southwest Virginia born and bred..lived in South
    Georgia a long time. I am very ashamed and disturbed at the path Virginia has taken in these tumultuous times for our Southern way of life. I believe secession is our only hope of survival. I find myself increasingly at odds with the USA…I have always felt that my first loyality should be to the Southland. I now know how General LEE felt when he decided he must leave the US military and defend his Virginia home.. DIXIE FOREVER !

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  5. There is NO honor celebrating a White Supremacist Government with a Slave Based Economy. If you have a little common sence and decency you would probably already know that. I’ve seen these “Confederate Heritage” organizations marching along side Nazis and the KKK way too many times. If that’s your cup of tea then shame on you.


    • You spelled SENSE wrong which is ironic as you seem to have little to none of that anyways. You should get back to humping your housepet and leave the commenting for those who walk upright.


  6. The Union forever. Down with the traitors and up with the stars.

    The states had no right to secede. Why, in their debates on the Constitution, would the founders that made a MORE perfect union from the Articles of Confederation and PERPETUAL Union allow the Union to be destroyed by secession? The answer is they did not. It is absolutely absurd to believe such an obvious fib. Andrew Jackson believed so and answered the question of South Carlonian secession with federal troops. Why? Because there is nothing in the Constitution or from the founders that supports the notion that the Union may be dissolved.

    So why push this obvious false narrative? To reaffirm and establish forever the institution of slavery which is both contrary to the natural rights of men and the Divine image endowed to them. It seeks to enslave a race out of no other object than pride and selfishness, creating and institution for man made superiority.

    The states that attempted to secede lost. It is over. Never again will the scourge of slavery and institutional bigotry mar the United States again, no matter how much you may wish it.

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    • The Articles of Confederation required a unanimous vote for changes (not 3/4) Therefore the Constitution was a secession document itself–as were the various declarations of independence prior to The Declaration of Independence in Union. The 13 sovereign states signed 13 separate treaties with the British Crown–not one. The states never would have ratified the Constitution with the knowledge that they were becoming mere corporations in an amalgamated single state.

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      • “The states never would have ratified the Constitution with the knowledge that they were becoming mere corporations in an amalgamated single state.” And you base that on? Especially when you consider that they entered a perpetual union with the Articles of Confederation. Also, no. The treaty of Paris, at least the American portion, was accepted on behalf of the Continental Congress. If what you say is true, there would be things like documents to support it. Plus eight more representatives at the negotiations. I mean, the very first article of the very single treaty was British recognition of the United States, namely the former 13 colonies. The first sentence of the Preamble also destroys your theory of thirteen separate treaties. “It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America.”

        Regardless of the stipulations of the Articles of Confederation, if you are going to be consistent, you must accept that the US Constitution was entered into by the several states with the intent of being a more perfect union of the last one.

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      • There are articles to support it. check out the treaty. and if you will read the document you will see the states are referred to as plural states (as Jefferson stated) and not a single state. The preamble wrote it the way it is styled because use they did not know if all the states were coming in—namely R.I. and N.C.


    • (@Stephen) Go copulate with yourself, bluebelly scumbag. Be sure and tell your old lady I have her panties she left at the hotel last night.


  7. It always perplexes me why people who have NOTHING in common with an online organization, feel the need to spend their time logging into it and bashing it. I see these retards (and yes…they ARE retards in a sense) spewing stuff that truthfully makes NO DIFFERENCE now. The war of NORTHERN AGGRESSION is over. It’s finished and there’s no way to change the outcome but let’s all be honest with OURSELVES more than anything. The Confederacy might have lost the war but it seems to me that STATES’ RIGHTS is an underlying issue in this country TO THIS DAY. Therefore, my question is DID THE UNION REALLY WIN THE WAR? With states moving toward the legalization of marijuana, it would seem that States’ Rights’ is still alive and kicking in this modern age. Not only that, several states and cities are citing themselves as ‘sanctuaries’ DESPITE the present administration vowing NOT to acknowledge that status. Is this not a form of ‘in your face’ States’ Rights and if so, does that not mean that there seems to be a little misinformation being spread about who REALLY won that war?


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