Somalians – Keeping the Peace in the City of Lakes

In March of 2015, the Minneapolis Police Department took a great big progressive step towards making their city not only safe, but also reflective of their community demographically. Since we all know that people are equal, one can only be a bigot to assume that a SOMALIAN wouldn’t be able to understand and uphold the law.

Well color me racist, because this whole part above is bullshit.

Saturday night in Minneapolis, police officers Matt Harrity and Mohamed Noor were responding to a call on the 5100 block of Washburn Avenue. Justine Ruszczyk, 40, called to report a potential assault taking place in her alley. When she saw police arrive she approached the cruiser and began talking to officer Harrity (the driver) when shortly thereafter, the passenger (Noor) opened fire, striking Ms. Ruszczyk multiple times and killing her in the process. Who knew Somalians were trigger happy, right?

Needless to say, the woman in her pajamas didn’t have a weapon on her. Officer Harrity was reported by KARE11 (local news) as saying he was “stunned” when his partner opened fire. I wonder why he shot her…hmmm. The investigation is just beginning.

Noor, joined the Minneapolis police force in 2015 and his hiring was lauded by the shitlib mayor, Betsy Hodges, as a model for hiring East Africans to the police department (because East Africans are known for their lawful behavior). She praised his race and not his qualifications – big surprise there. I mean, how could she praise his qualifications when he went to college for fucking business and economics. I guess they thought this would make an impact with the community of Somalians in the city since he was the first Somalian officer in the 5th precinct (where he worked).

In his brief tenure with the department he had three complaints with the city.

But rest assured, that Minneapolis Police Chief, Janee Harteau, is going to get to the bottom of it. LOL. A woman police chief – it gets more fucked up than one can imagine there.

Killed by diversity, our greatest strength

It goes without saying that his hiring to work within the community of immigrants (he hails from) not only makes that area less safe, it also ensures these scumbags don’t even have to try to follow our laws here.

Since Minneapolis wants to hire police officers based on progressive bullshit and signaling how fucking tolerant they are, a soon to be married woman is shot dead with no apparent motive. We’ll probably never know why – maybe she called him the dreaded “n-word” and he shot her in self defense based off her verbal assault.

I can’t say I’m surprised this happened. You cant take people who are not capable of comprehending the concept of law and put them in charge of upholding it. Somalians are retarded – it’s practically universally accepted that they’re the lowest of the low in Africa’s ranking of shit tier peoples.

Give me a fucking break. Stay tuned for absurd news from Clown World…I mean Minneapolis.


  1. We live in an era which is more interested in what it wants to believe than that which is true.

    Just look at the transgenders, and those who accept them as ‘legitimate’.

    These confused and troubled would-be cross-dressers have the surgery, take the drugs, and still, after all that, on the inside, they are precisely who they were at birth.

    Why, if the Yankee Government weren’t so afraid of The Southern Klan, they would be insisting that Somalis be allowed to join that, too.