Colonial American Gun Culture and the Rights of Englishmen

Genuine American gun culture comes from our rights as Englishmen, as guaranteed by the Crown. This should automatically clear up why New Hampshire has great gun laws and Maryland doesn’t, for those who know history. New Hampshire was established by John Mason under the authority and charter of King James’ Privy Council. Mason was an English sailor, cartographer, and most notably of all, a God-fearing and zealous Anglican. If you’re wondering what kept Vermont relatively sane, I’d call your attention to the fact that Vermont was a frontier state settled largely by families from New Hampshire. One might look at New Hampshire and Vermont as islands of relative sanity adrift in an ocean of Unitarian-Puritanical Dissenter perversion.

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Names That Cannot Die

In case you were unaware, the cowards at the University of Virginia voted on removing plaques that honored their own alumni that died fighting for the Confederacy. The University of Virginia Board of Visitors, staffed by cucks, bugmen and iconoclasts, passed the resolution and spineless crews have already removed these memorials to bravery. We will not allow them to pass from memory and this post serves as a record of their selfless devotion. The below has been taken from a Richmond Times-Dispatch article from 1905.

Identity Dixie honors our brave dead.

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Real News Weekly Roundup: Nuclear ‘Rocket Man,’ Juggalos vs MOAR & “white domestic terror”

*Rocket Man Kim Jung Un, the cartoon Bond villain, shoots more missiles around Japanese territory

*Mother of All Rallies embraces Black Lives Matter
*Japan’s hottest porn star is a 3′ 6″ man with mucopolysaccharidosis. Why are the Japanese so degenerate?
*Trump signs S.J.Res.49 condemning a free speech event as “white domestic terror”
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