The Beauty of Identity

As we begin to age, so often we see our parents looking back at us in the mirror. A mother passes part of herself onward to her beloved children, they in turn to the next generation and so on…ad infinitum. The fundamental base of all that is natural is to embrace your proud heritage, ancestry and folk. All that heritage manifest in the present is your identity. Once we have identity we understand the value of family and love by continuing our precious lineage into the future.

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Southern AF Episode 18: Tony Hovater

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On this episode of TSAF Podcast, we sit down with Tony Hovater, the “normal nazi” from the New York Times article written recently, which claimed that “nazis” are normal in today’s America. He was fired from his job when the article came out, and we will discuss that, along with many other topics/current events. Enjoy!

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For Marse Robert

Why do Americans admire Robert E Lee? While the Civil War ended ~150 years ago, a recent phenomena in the 21st century has been removing the statues, monuments, and even markers in cemeteries of Southerners from the war. A figure in the center of this controversy and from that time period is General Robert Edward Lee. During the war and long after its conclusion, Lee was well respected on both sides for many reasons.

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