Burglary, a Family Affair

Can you say with certainty that the family unit in the black community is in shambles? After reading an article today and going more into the backstory of said article I am not so certain that is the case. Thankfully though, it appears they have come together to just make complete asses of themselves and prove that black people are so prone to criminal behavior that its safe to say it runs in the family.

On the night of April 27, 2017, six teenage canopy dwellers (blacks) broke into the home in an affluent neighborhood in Fort Pierce, Florida and stole not only a Porsche but also two loaded hand guns and a safe containing two hundred thousand dollars.

These six “youths” were no model citizens prior to the April incident either. Here’s the deal with these six scumbags. Rural Scott, 15, had at least nine previous arrests dating back to his first arrest in June of 2015. He was on probation and had an ankle monitor on at the time of the crime. Its unclear why it wasn’t working. His rap sheet when printed exceeds 19 feet. Something to make any negress proud. Jeremiah Lepace, 15, had been arrested fourteen times since he was 14. Charges ranging from robbery to grand theft of a firearm. Micheal Bush, 14, had four previous arrests since he was 13 – with charges ranging from burglary to larceny. Joshua Sargent, 14, had six previous arrests since he was 13 with charges ranging from battery on a police officer and burglary. Shomari Smith, 14, had seven prior arrests with charges ranging from burglary to grand theft auto. Walter Walker, 16, had nine previous arrests with charges ranging from burglary to cocaine possession to destroying evidence. Noice.

According to Rural Scott he called his mother to, “tell her about hitting the house” they just burglarized. The police called her and told her about this and she replied, “Do you believe everything you hear?” Wow.

The six stupid scumbags were being held as recently as the end of June in St. Lucie County Jail on charges including burglary of a dwelling while armed, grand theft over $100,000, grand theft of a firearm and grand theft of a motor vehicle. Their bonds range from no bond to $250,000.

Now, what they did with the money is absolutely ridiculous. So much so that you may find it hard to believe. One of the chimps says he bought, with his share of the loot, permanent gold teeth for $11,000 dollars, an $80,000 Dodge Challenger Hellcat for his mom, a gold bracelet for $3,500 dollars and a $25,000 dollar Mercedes (that he put in his brothers name). They abandoned the Porsche and it was recovered days later in Delray Beach.

ALL THE MONEY WAS SPENT. Typical blacks and their high time preference.

I don’t know about you, but why the fuck haven’t the parents been charged with something? Where is you fifteen or sixteen year old son get that type of money? The parents of some were complicit in this. OF COURSE!

Roseanne Eckert, an attorney with the Florida International University’s Florida Re sentencing and Review Project said “Risky, impulsive behavior is not unusual when the brains of teenagers are not fully developed. Peer pressure is significant in increasing risky behavior. We need interventions, opportunities to help them change. Just putting them in jail doesn’t work.”

This is shocking. I cannot believe anyone would want anything but the electric chair or a gas chamber for these things. They are clearly defective for our society, though they may be the norm in their own community. White people will never be able to have nice things so long as critters like this are around. By “critter,” I mean black.

Ship these people back to Africa, maybe they can solve the AIDS, mass starvation, corruption and general anarchy that is rampant in their “mother country.”

Somehow I doubt it.


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  1. In the end, the condition of the Negro Community can be traced to the overreach of the Jew dominated Yankee Government, since the late 1940s.

    And, sadly, the nefarious overreach of said government is directly attributable to the abdication of The White Southern Race in advocating our own interests.

    We are to blame.

    This will stop when we stop acting like spineless children.

    Not before.