The Time for Cohesion

In my lifetime I have seen and learned about many things that have come to an end. The Roman Empire, the Third Reich and an endless list of other things. All have declined then fallen through internal decay and external forces prompting the end. One thing has remained constant through the ages. That is the white mans dedication to perseverance and ability to subjugate and control individual interests for the good of the group. Unfortunately, this isn’t what I think can be done in the case of White Nationalists and Southern Nationalists.

In recent months, there has been infighting from both factions. We are better than that. We are white men. We are warriors fighting for the preservation of our culture and race. There is justification in the words of both sides, it’s just not the time.

During the election, there was solidarity because we were working towards a common goal – the election of Trump. Now, our goal is one we will likely not see in our lifetime – a white ethnostate. Our children likely will not either. It is our duty to set an example for them to follow. That example I wish to see set is one of group cohesion. Cohesion not broken up by regional differences. We can ill afford it right now, what with our plummeting birth rates and dwindling majority share of the population. We are running out of time and cohesion is essential.

I can only speak as a White Nationalist, I’m a Yankee. Born and raised in the North, I don’t share a bond to the southern soil that Southern Nationalists do (although, I support them and understand where they’re coming from). I see my bond as one with fellow whites. The bond with home (blood and soil) is one I hope my fellow Yankees will come to appreciate. I think there is, however, a strong sense of alienation many in the North could share with those in the South.

Essentially, all I am saying is that we have more in common than one may think initially. We’re both white. We want a future free of fear and danger for our kids. We wish to see as much degeneracy as possible wiped from the Earth. These are fundamental stances that we both agree on.

In my personal opinion, I can say with 100% certainty that I (as a generic White Nationalist and, by extension, the Greater Alt-Right movement) don’t want dominion over Dixie once this is all over. It’s not my home and I will never identify with it as such. It’s a great place with a culture of its own and that is wonderful. And, the people I’ve met have been very nice and respectful. It still isn’t mine and when we win, you can all go back there and never have to see my Yankee ass again. Let’s win this war first and go our separate ways if we can’t coexist together.

This also isn’t saying that my fellow White Nationalists are wrong. We have things we feel very strongly about. I think if we can set aside Yankee hatred (and certainly any animosity from my side as well), we can achieve things greater than our forefathers ever did.

We owe it to our posterity. I want the South to succeed and preserve her glorious past and pave a prosperous future. I also want White Nationalism to triumph.

Both can be achieved. But only with cohesion.


  1. It is time for an organized movement to force the removal of all statues and monuments commemorating Union soldiers, officers and units due to the brutality and illegal rape, theft and destruction they wrought. Remember Lincoln argued the southern states had been hijacked and secession was therefore illegal. That means their brutality was against American citizens! How can we stand for monuments to such wanton illegality? It should be time for a new purging of historical monuments, from Maine to Massachusetts to Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois.