Real News Weekly Roundup: Nuclear ‘Rocket Man,’ Juggalos vs MOAR & “white domestic terror”

*Rocket Man Kim Jung Un, the cartoon Bond villain, shoots more missiles around Japanese territory

*Mother of All Rallies embraces Black Lives Matter
*Japan’s hottest porn star is a 3′ 6″ man with mucopolysaccharidosis. Why are the Japanese so degenerate?
*Trump signs S.J.Res.49 condemning a free speech event as “white domestic terror”
Jason Kessler is freelance journalist and activist. Find him on Twitter, Gab and Youtube.

Knights of the round EP23 Buckets of peace and activism

In this episode the Knights discuss the recent terror attack in the UK, with the new weapon to hit the streets… the bucket of peace! Should buckets be banned to keep the UK safe? What has MBE foster parents have to do with all this? We also go into the Charlottesville protest and discuss how events across the pond have knock on effects in the UK. Would a windmill of peace be allowed at a UK rally? Whats the prospects for UK nationalism? So keep an eye out for rouges as the Knights retake the streets!

Southern Nationalist Radio: Episode 50 – Charlottesville Fallout

Harold Crews and Dr. Michael Hill, President of the League of the South, in this episode discuss the continuing Charlottesville fallout including the recently passed Congressional resolution. They also discuss some more recent events including the mock hanging of a white child by a rap “artist” that has been posted and monetized on YouTube. Which clearly shows the blatant double standard employed by our enemies among the anti-White elite in government, media, and big business. That video can easily be found on YouTube through a simple search. Harold and Dr. Hill discuss how to fight YouTube. Primarily by installing ad blocking software in your browser.  Dr. Hill relates the attack on the League website after Charlottesville.

To listen to the show, please click below.


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