Mattel® Embraces Faggotry: Meet the Kens

My friends, the news is expected, but shitty nonetheless. The faggotry that is The Current Year…is not slowing down. We all know this to be true, but I think we can all take time out of our day to just bathe in the absolute garbage that is our modern  society. Toys are a huge part of the life of a child. They teach them things, whether they’re meant to be learned by the child or not. So when the creators of Barbie and Ken rolled out their new series of dolls, I could not help but turn red and shake.

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Political Violence and the Colored World Revolution, Pt. II

Part II: The Anglo-Celtic Experience, or How We Learned to Run and Hide

A real threat facing us when we consider the Colored World Revolution on the microhistorical level is the impression that, as an American experience, we are unique. To see the Civil Rights Acts, the Immigration Act of 1965, the betrayal of Rhodesia, and the fall of South Africa as separate instances, however, is to miss an overall trend of decay in the Anglo-Celtic world. That said, if we look where Spengler directed us to look for this decay—namely to the Great War—we find a steady process of growing unrest among colonized people in South Africa, India, and elsewhere in the Anglosphere precede the first acts of overt Negro violence not in Europe, but in the United States.

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