Beyond The Wall Episode 34 Trap Futurism Part I

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This is the first part of a two part episode on Puerto Rico and esoteric Evolianism. In THIS episode we talk to Aureliano and Jiyotishi, two Hispanogoyim from Puerto Rico, about…well, about the island of Puerto Rico, its history both under the Spanish and the US, how Puerto Ricans see their relation to the United States and especially about how most people in the US that call themselves Puerto Ricans actually aren’t. Come learn about the glorious history of this country that, under the Spanish, repeatedly defeated the British and the Dutch.

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Southern Nationalist Radio: Charlottesville First Hand Accounts

Harold Crews and Brad Griffin, of Occidental Dissent, each discuss their experiences of the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12th. The topics discussed are how the event was expected to go down and what actually happened. The manner in which Anti-FA, BLM, SURJ, and assorted Marxists attacked the Right. Also covered was the law enforcement siding with the Left against the Right and the way in which our people were forced to live the area while under attack. Briefly discussed was some of our people who were injured by Leftist violence including Harold Crews’ injuries and the following events after the aborted rally on Saturday and on Sunday. Lastly discussed was the fallout both positive and negative since the event.

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Clownworld in Charlottesville

The battle of Charlottesville dominated Western headlines and will continue to do so as lawsuits fly and a murder trial begins. It was a pivotal movement. Everybody knows about the Alt-Right now. Even if they think we’re Nazis (which is absurd), we EXIST. Don’t despair at the propaganda directed against us. This is a critical first step to educating the ignorant masses.

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