On Current Year Normie Libertarians

Few things bother me more than snark. Defeatism and nihilism are up there too. Funny enough, all three seem to blend together seamlessly in the Current Year. Especially so with the low-info modern-day libertarians. Of course, I’m not referring to actual libertarians, those that have read John Locke, Murray Rothbard or Hans-Hermann Hoppe. The libertarians I’m referring to appear to (sadly) make up the majority population of the Libertarian Party – they’re essentially libertines that don’t want to pay taxes and get their political philosophy from snide meme pages. In essence, they’re a big intellectual nothingburger.

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The City of Charlottesville: Blood on Their Hands

The right wingers were at the Unite the Right rally as a unified front protesting the removal of the Robert E Lee statue. They were in support of God, tradition, family and authority, even the police. Unfortunately, the police were under orders from the local and state authorities; fully determined to terminate their First Amendment rights at all costs. This demonstration was actually shut down preemptively before even one speaker spoke- it wasn’t allowed to even begin.

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Thistle and Brier: The Duty of Truth

Truth is the most powerful force in the universe and it is always followed by a moral question: Are you willing to act upon that truth? Are you willing to change the way you previously thought, or lived your life, in accordance with that truthful principle that you just discovered? Once you know that you are not an animal that goes by what its senses tell it is pleasurable, are you willing to give up those things which you once thought were comfortable, but which you now know, are not truthful? ​

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Quo Vadis, White Man

Somewhere in the middle of Mike Enoch’s recent “bloodsports” encounter with an opponent whose placard read simply “Fat Boomer Jew,” the latter made a salient criticism. A year and a half ago, the Alternative Right was a nascent movement with enough widespread appeal to move the needle on a presidential election and attract the flaming eye of the bipartisan consensus. A year and a half later, popular appeal is in the doldrums, the man who coined the phrase “Alternative Right” publicly distances himself from the movement, and the figurehead character’s most recent high-profile media blip was a tone-deaf discussion about therapeutic child-porn. “Fat Boomer Jew” has a point—something is wrong, and the Alternative Right itself is the only party with any interest in righting the ship, and it’s time to get to work on that.

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