Unite the White

In the lead up to any confrontation, combatants find themselves having to differentiate between a few subsets of groups within the wider population. These can be classified, with a fairly broad brush, as Allies, Enemies, and the Disaffected. Traditionally, uniforms have made the distinction between the first two pretty darn clear, but that third group has always been troublesome. Their sympathies, should they even have any, may lie with one or the other, and it takes more than casual interaction to determine which.

It’s true that pattern recognition is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom but, like any other skill, it takes practice and focus to hone. As Whites, our low time preference will be a significant factor in seeking out and conscripting the Allies necessary to succeed in upcoming conflicts, whether they be merely ideological battles or something far more dank.

More importantly, we must recognize that, on a long enough arc, the Disaffected can be transformed into Allies. But this ultimately depends on how quickly the sand falls through the glass.

(Author’s note: inb4 the inevitable sperg-out: I know we are currently engaged in these conflicts, and have been for some time. We are always in a state of flux, combat, struggle, etc. Always have been, always will be. Fine. But we still have conflicts yet to come that will take on different forms from what we have experienced thus far. Different battlefields require different troops and techniques. That’s all I’m trying to convey here.)

As I see it, our current mission is twofold:

  1. To sharpen our weapons, both rhetorical and mechanical, by constant practice and drilling; and
  2. To use the former to conscript the Disaffected into the ranks of Allies, and begin their training.

As much as those of us on the hard/Alt/new right like to bantz and meme about the “eternal normie”, there is a greater underlying significance to them that we would all do well to understand sooner rather than later: we need them to be with us. The more of them that we can reach, convince, convert, and conscript, the less of them will be standing in our Goddamn way.

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This is where the concept of “affinity groups” comes into play, and a mass of white pills (pun intended) can be found when we drill down a bit. Most Whites in our society currently fall into the ranks of the Disaffected (just as the vast majority of us were at one point), due to more than half a century of social engineering which has piled guilt, shame, and stigma onto anyone with a lighter skin tone than our most recent former President.

But these attacks against the very concept of Whiteness have ramped up in the last decade, and are rapidly reaching a crescendo, which is breaking more and more people out of those ranks or at least into the fringes where they can be convinced. The anti-White hordes have overplayed their hand, falling victim to that oldest of all human frailties: pride. Their smugness is our greatest ally, and we must take advantage of that as quickly as possible, and use it to the greatest effect.

Another symptom of that pride and smugness is their irrational reliance on a teeming mass of degenerates, minorities, and the mentally ill, which they have managed to cobble together into some Nebuchadnezzeran fever-dream golem. The feet of ghey, legs of gender dysphoric brass, trunk of deracinated guilt-ridden White iron, and heart, head, and arms of International Jewry™ gold and silver all combine to make up a grotesquery that even John Carpenter would be repulsed by.

Just as the Old Testament King’s vision depicted distinct materials that do not mix well together, this ragged coalition of the Judeo-cucked grievance class have nothing in common with each other besides opposition to us. As more of their White members awaken and join us or begin to sympathize with us, the paltry Jew glue binding them together will weaken all the more, until the entire edifice crumbles.

Personally, I can’t wait until the silent majority of fags stand up publicly against these tranny freaks, instead of just quietly grumbling about that “T” being added to their hard-earned acronym. (They do complain about this turn of events. A lot.) And who among us doesn’t long for the day when the Left must decide between importing their pet murderous Muzzie hordes and seeking shekels from Big Gay?

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It needs to be reiterated and constantly kept in mind that this loose coalition of lefties cannot stand each other. If it weren’t for their momentary marriage of convenience in opposing us Whites, they would rip each other to shreds. And they still will, regardless, tbh fam.

This leftist coalition is not an affinity group, by any reasonable definition of the term. If it were, politicians, plutocrats, and Pharisees wouldn’t have to expend so much signalling time and government gibs as glue in order to bind it together. We see just how quickly these unnatural tribal bonds and pseudo social cohesion break down in the aftermath of natural disasters (Katrina) and utterly predictable ones (Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Ferguson), when the guiding hand of Uncle Sugar is removed, even temporarily.

As Southerners, Dixians, and the only rightful heirs of the legacy of the Golden Circle, we come by our affinity for other White Southerners quite naturally. It doesn’t have to be forced. Or bought. Or coerced. Even with Whites from outside of Dixie, we more readily identify and empathize with them than the assorted third-worlders purposely placed in our midst to drive us into isolation. Except for New Englanders, of course. Screw New Englanders.

But in all seriousness, as long as we proceed in our mission with the clear understanding that to “Unite the Right” implicitly means uniting the Whites, success is the only possible outcome.

– Kurt Lipper