Testing Your Metal

To start off, that title is not a typo. It will make sense by the end of this, I promise. Recently, I was able to make it out to a concert at a local venue. Ten hard core and heavy metal bands were set to storm the stage in the seven-hour event. The names of the bands are immaterial to my purposes here, and would probably only be recognizable to the Good Morning, Weimerica! goys anyway. The music, the venue, and the other concert attendees are likewise beside the point here.

What is important, however, are the circumstances facing one of the bands on the bill. They are a four-piece outfit from Sweden, touring North America in support of their sophomore album which drops soon. After the crowd confusedly watched 3 men on stage, powering through their first 2 songs, the frontman took to the mic and explained the situation. There had been some sort of snafu with visa provisions, causing the guitarist and bassist to become stranded back home, prohibited from leaving the country as their bandmates set out on this much-anticipated tour.

This one little incident, relayed by the singer with no more detail than that, stuck with me through the remainder of their set and the rest of the night, as I watched the other bands take the stage and do their thing. Later in the evening, I was hovering around the merchandise table for this band and the guy handling the transactions turned out to be their manager. I chatted with him a bit about their music and the upcoming album, then the topic turned to the guitarist who was filling in. He was an ex-member of a band they had played a festival with in Sweden last year, and an American. After the visa problems, the band had reached out for help to support them on their tour and this guitarist stepped up. No replacement had been found for the bassist, so they used the bass track from the master tapes of their album, played through the PA system. Because of this, the replacement guitarist, drummer, and singer all had to be in perfect timing with the recorded bass, if they wanted to perform their respective jobs effectively. A fairly daunting task, from a technical aspect.

All this trouble they had gone to – finding a new guy to fill in, getting him up to speed on learning their songs, playing a live show in perfect sync with a recording and having the manager step up to handle merchandising (a typical roadie’s job) – and why? Because the country they were born and raised in couldn’t get their crap together enough to allow these white men to go earn a living. The same country, remember, that has allowed 1.2 million third world migrants to flow into it since 2006.

These people consume over 60% of welfare distribution in Sweden every year, and the numbers of new migrants continue to grow. Even though these people make up less than 20% of the total population, they account for 38% of rapes and 30% of murders annually, if these seemingly lowball numbers are to be believed. Between 2006 and 2016, the number of people applying for HIV treatment rose by a whopping 373%.

Let all that sink in for a moment. This small Scandinavian country throws its gates wide open to usher in hundreds of thousands of the world’s refuse and detritus, with little (if any) documentation of their background; people whom they are fully aware will be a net drain on the nation’s resources. And, this is to say nothing of the crime and otherwise hostile and belligerent attitudes they bring with them.

But when four upstanding citizens, straight white men all, have work obligations abroad that will allow them to earn a living and pay taxes to support this insane immigration policy, the same government is too incompetent to process the simple and obligatory visa paperwork in a timely manner.
But even bringing up this suicidal double standard is enough to get one labelled a “racist” in damn near any country these days. And, we all know that is the worst kind of human being that has ever existed on the planet.

Of course, once one makes the determination that “intolerance” is the greatest evil facing one’s country or planet, all manner of other pozz and degeneracy is fair game in the name of “inclusion.”

But, you may be thinking, that’s Sweden’s problem. We don’t have it that bad, yet. And that’s where you’d be wrong, kid. The hordes of unwashed migrant invaders we contend with today may have a slightly different odor and bring a different flavor of social decay along with them, but even that is far from the point here.

Sweden and the rest of Europe have seen a steady flow of these third worlders for a few decades now, ramping up to a crescendo in the new millennium. But foreign invasions come in many forms. As Dixians, we can point to an unbroken wave of invasions, just as deleterious, dangerous, and demoralizing, going back at least a century and a half.

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The infernal Yankee has bombarded us with their values, norms, laws, culture, and even physical selves, for that entire span of time. Immorality, degeneracy, empathy for invaders and having to endure a constant stream of abuse and derision aimed at our people, heritage, and historical values: all of these things have befallen us, weakened us, because at one point long ago enough of us made much the same declaration as the female pictured here.

At Appomattox, even if only implicitly, it was declared that the South was willing to trade slaveholders and “racists” like Davis, Lee, Calhoun and Rhett for the most vile and inhuman rapists like Sherman, Sheridan, the Dahlgrens and Lincoln himself. In the intervening years, the prevalence of Stockholm Syndrome among Southrons rivals even that of Swedes.

I have no idea of the political leanings among the band I saw, or what their thoughts on mass migration and white displacement in Sweden might be. What I do know is that they found a way to continue their tour, without half of their bandmates, and earn a living despite what their government has done to them.

We, Sons of the Southland, have mostly managed to do the same, powering through all of the obstacles set before us by the Yankee and his undying hatred of us. But, that is not enough. We are surrounded by those who would turn their backs on us in a second, siding with their imperial captors at the expense of their geographical and historical brothers. We must do all we can to “break the conditioning” of those around us, our fellow Dixians, which is why sites like Identity Dixie and the podcasts they produce must be supported, promoted and proliferated.

Harkening back to my first article here nearly a year ago, most of the Southern whites we come into contact with from day to day fall into the category of the Disaffected. Their heritage has instilled in them a sense that what they see in the media, and the snide remarks about Southerners they hear, are just…not right. Something in the air is just…off. But, they don’t know what it is. They have no connection to their history and traditions. They don’t see themselves as a separate people from their “fellow Americans.”

They need information, a sense of belonging, a permission structure to allow them to see their grandfathers as the good men they were. We can do that, little by little, and gain allies in the process.
Like the guitarist who stepped up to help our Swedish friends continue their tour, these allies may emerge from the ranks of those we have only met once in passing. Or, like the bass track played through the PA system, they may only be able to help from behind the scenes out of fear of reprisal against themselves and their families. Both are necessary components in continuing our “tour.”

We were invaded long ago. We have been occupied ever since. But we will only be conquered when we cease to struggle against the boot.

-By Kurt