Cautionary Tale – Be Smart. Don’t Go Rogue

Every day when I get to my office my morning ritual includes grabbing a cup-o-joe, booting up the computer, and checking the Google News headlines. Over time Google has gotten smarter with the news, configuring the articles it shows me first in its newswire in a curious attempt to cater to my specific interests. It seems Google has been spying on me. It knows my habits and routines, and it tries to please me. In some ways I like it because I get to see the news that actually interests me. In other ways it is a stark reminder that Google is tracking my web activity, internet searches, browser history … who knows how they’re monitoring me exactly? But one thing is for certain, I am being monitored. And that gives me pause.

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New Orleans: Economic Siege

We are in a cultural and heritage “cold” conflict. This should be crystal clear.

The line in the sand has been drawn in New Orleans and in my opinion, the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue is ground zero. It is time for ordinary white Americans to forget the high mindedness of the American mythos and understand that these statues are not symbols of “white supremacy.” No. They are symbols of white solidarity, white history, white culture, and simply put, whiteness. In a very real sense, they have no place in New Orleans.

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Solutions to the NQ, Final or Otherwise

There’s been no shortage of ink spilt on the various hypotheticals if we ever do managed to get our own Southron ethno-state. It’s not all LARPing, either – there’s been an awful lot of good, solid suggestions on both how to get there and what to do once we get there. The *ahem* gorilla in the room, however, perpetually remains the Negro Question and where the Negro fits into the vision of a new South.

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An Alt-South Treaty Proposal

As the Antifa menace grows, we are faced with a major dilemma:

We want to be able to work together with other white nationalist groups to defend against a common enemy that is well funded by a certain tribe and who have no trouble uniting against us. They are well known to bus in crazy ass degenerate freaks activists (probably including some paid activists) from far away to get a large turnout for their operations. This is not just an image issue from being outnumbered in photographs, but a personal safety issue as well. We can take it for certain that Antifa will resort to greater acts of violence than they have done already. They have begun training with guns, so this is definitely not a joke.

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