The Godcast: Truth, Justice & the Christian Way Episode 36: “I Think Jesus Would Really Dig the Harry Potter Books.”

This week on the Nicene Council General Belisarius, RightWingNut, Myles Poland and Borzoi kick this weeks show off with some questions from our dear listeners. In this week’s sacrliage segment the Council start to have a crisis of faith because a secular news outlet with no knowledge of the bible says they have found the final evidence to prove Christianity is false… again. Next the council contemplate what is the right amount of exposure to extreme violence if any. After the break Borzoi has chosen a special heretic of the week, prepare to be equal parts angry and in fits of laughter.

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Show breakdown

Title song, Resonance by Home:



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Surviving Gay, NSFW warning:

Sacrilege Segment: Bible says Canaanites were wiped out by Israelites but scientists just found their descendants living in Lebanon

Hymn of the week: “Sweet Will of God

Suggested by Corey

Heretic of the Week: Harry Potter as sacred texts

Bible Reading – Proverbs 28

King James Version- Read by Myles Poland

King James Version- Read by RightWingNut

New international version- Read by General Belisarius

New Oxford Annotated Bible- Read by Borzoi

Final Prayers & Goodbyes

Outro song King Plague – Ave Plague (BLVCK CEILING RMX):

In Hoc Signo Vinces