The Myth of Women’s Oppression

I cackle whenever I hear a female of a Feminist-persuasion claim that women were oppressed throughout history.

Throughout history.” What a claim! Should we limit ourselves to written records then? This period spans approximately two and a half millennia, thousands of years! The most distinguished historians hone in on a specific period and make that the focus of their efforts. Given that decades of research and training are essential to even begin to comment on a particular era.

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It Can Happen Here

How can the country be held together? That’s become a common lament amongst cuckservatives. Their solutions always entail some flavor of nonsense about setting aside identity politics in favor of treating people as individuals integrated within a “proposition nation”. In contrast, the Alt-Right rationally embraces race as the invariable precondition for the sustained existence of any nation. This assertion is demonstrated through history, human nature, and observation of the fatal disaster unfolding around us daily.

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Deep in the Mud

A common and ridiculous claim that I hear from blacks and the Left is that if Europeans had never enslaved Africans, Africa would be just as developed as Europe, if not more. We recently heard this in a Richard Spencer interview, where the journalist also claimed that blacks have not benefited from white supremacy, and we have also heard this after the Twitter reaction to the fictional land of Wakanda in Marvel’s Black Panther. These outlandish claims couldn’t be further from the truth.

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