When Dixie Goes, So Do the Founding Fathers


The attack on the Confederate flag and Southern monuments is an attack on the European people who settled this land. The recent events in New Orleans are exposing the true nature and goals of American P.O.C. The protests against Confederate symbols, such as flags and monuments, is escalating.  New Orleans is the current hot spot in this campaign of anti-white cultural genocide.

Sadly, the Battle of Liberty Place, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard have all been taken down. Antifas had vandalized the P.G.T. Beauregard statue by night. There was a rally in New Orleans on Sunday May 7 of support Southern and Confederate heritage. Many WN and Neo-Confederate activists attended, as did many antifa freaks and perverts. I understand that many members of the League of the South were present at the May 7th rally.

From what I have read I understand that several American patriot type groups, such as Oathkeepers, showed up, but would not stand with the L.O.S. or any WN type groups. How stupid; these patriots are trying to simultaneously defend Confederate monuments, the Founding Fathers (who did not allow Negroes to be citizens) and a colorblind/race neutral proposition nation. (As a side note, I recall that during the Bundy standoff in Nevada back in 2014, Oathkeepers cut and ran there too.)

But with this campaign in New Orleans, the Jews, antifas, and P.O.C. are just getting started…

When I started my blog in May 2016, it was to promote my book Putnam Liberty Notes. (In retrospect, I really should not have named the blog after the book, to avoid confusion). My book PLN was a collection of 21 email newsletter essays that I sent to a small group of friends between July and November of 2015, plus three other new essays. The first essay of that book was a defense of the Confederate flag, in the wake of South Carolina governor Nikki Haley’s order to take it down from state property.

Regarding the 2015 removal of the flag of Dixie, I stated that “Removal of the Confederate flags in South Carolina and at cemeteries is not a show against racism; it is an attack on the Europeans who settled this country, fought the American Revolution, and rekindled the principles of America’s Founders when the South seceded and formed their own republic”. Regrettably, time has proved me correct.

Two recent Occidental Dissent articles, Take ‘Em Down NOLA Leader Targets George Washington Statue and More Black Communists Against George Washington Statue (both on May 8 and both by Michael Cushman) cover how the sights are now being set on monuments to George Washington. Not only do some Negroes want Confederate symbols destroyed, they want George Washington and the rest of the Founders gone also. And why would they not? If you were a Negro (or Mexican or Jew) who hates the patriarchal, un-egalitarian, agrarian, gun owning (White European) men who founded and fought for the Confederacy, then would you not also hate the patriarchal, un-egalitarian, agrarian, gun owning (White European) men who founded the United States? To them it is the same group/ethnos and the same system.

Most antebellum Americans, North or South did not own slaves, thought the wealthy often did. Perhaps only 4% of Southerners owned slaves in the 1861 time period. But Negroes do not care, because they hate the White man and his system. This struggle is not so much about the legacy of involuntary servitude as it is about two races cohabitating the same country. While I certainly do not want to reinstitute slavery, I also agree with Thomas Jefferson that I do not think separate but equal status will ever work in this land.

A failure to defend the Confederacy and the monuments to its leaders and soldiers, and the racially separate society that it was, will also result in the destruction of the memory of the men of the American Revolution. Once civic nationalism and anti-racism become sacred, then ones forefathers become indicted. We cannot have it both ways. Either the white male Founders and Confederates were okay, or they were not. Dancing on the fence rail between these two options is a strategy for failure, and a betrayal of ones ancestors. I will not be ashamed of my ancestors, including two ancestors who lived in Virginia and owned a few Negroes. I will not repudiate the Founders, the Confederates, my own ancestors, or my race. Raise the flag of Dixie!


  1. Andrew Jackson will be removed from Jackson Square in New Orleans in short order. New Orleans is no longer an American city. At least not in the sense that America is synonymous with the United States. New Orleans is, for all intents and purposes, Rio de Janeiro, Havana, or Port Au Prince. It is lost, and the only recourse is war. To be honest at this point I say good riddance. Those monuments are literally too noble to be standing in such a disgusting city. The only way to save New Orleans, the only chance we have, is by saving western civilization itself (and by that, the liberalism of the so-called enlightenment must be abandoned at all costs).

  2. Hey Spencer,
    Thanks for the like vote on my piece. I agree with you that in a philosophical sense, New Orleans is no longer truly a part of America or of the South. I never thought would happen. I do believe that the American Empire will one day fragment and collapse, as all unnatural empires eventually do. Just when or how it comes apart is the question.

  3. Mr Putnam, of course New Orleans changed the name of ‘white supremacist’ George Washington Elementary School back in the 1990’s to a black surgeon. However, regarding statues you are already proved correct:

    “The group Take ‘Em Down NOLA plans to throw ropes around the statue of ANDREW JACKSON and pull it down on Saturday. “We don’t support any law that would defend the maintenance of these white supremacy monuments. So that’s a law that we’re prepared to ignore….He is not deserving of any public adoration. People around the country have already decided that he is not deserving to be on the 20 dollar bill any longer– replacing him with Harriet Tubman.” The iconic Andrew Jackson statue is not one of the four monuments that the council voted to remove earlier this year. But the protest organizers say it’s just as bad, and it needs to go too.

  4. Thank you, Mr. Putnam.

    Certainly, I don’t want to play down the seriousness and or pain of the recent act, in New Orleans, Ole Miss’s patethick renaming of the sports team from ‘Rebel’ to ‘Bears’. and or Nikki Haley’s craven move, a couple of years back, but, I think the war on Southern symbols is not going to be successful.

    There are hundreds and hundreds of such monuments across the South, and, more and more, they are receiving the protection, care and support they need.

    I thank you for your lending us a helping hand, from up there in Indiana. It’s very much appreciated!