Gibs & Demands at Mr. Jefferson’s University

Earlier last week, the vibrant and #brave crowd at the University of Virginia made a list of demands to “smash white supremacy” at the formerly prestigious school. With any luck, the school will spiral out of control as the leftist agitators (enrolled, entrenched and employed at the school) become more and more erratic. I’m hoping for the Mizzou decline, but who knows, it might get worse.

The Minority Rights Coalition at the University of Virginia issued a set of 10 demands (really just gibs). The demands are included in a Facebook image, so I’ve done our dear readers a favor by outlining them and providing a redpill explanation for each insolent and undeserving request.

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An American Cultural Revolution in the Making

In 1949, the communists had successfully taken control of China. By 1966, China had been under communism for 17 years. The fire of revolution had largely calmed to dull embers and much had changed. Mao had lost power within his government and face among the peasantry because of his role in the Great Chinese Famine; a famine that killed around 30 million. His so called “Great Leap Forward” was a complete disaster, causing China’s economy to stutter and crash. What little popularity Mao still had was among the youth, who formed unofficial militias for Mao.

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Brother Wars

When the statue in Durham was pulled down by the amalgamation of brown people, nosebergs, soibois and blue haired feminists the other day, I was angry.  The state, city, local police, no one with any ability or authority to stop the mob even bothered to stop it.  Since then, everything is being torn down, torn apart, burned, stabbed, beaten, so on and so forth.  Seeing this statue torn down in North Carolina with no resistance at all woke my dad up.  I’m still trying to make sure he doesn’t cuck on things, but that’s something to work on, it never happens all at once.  My uncle was awoken by this as well.  We have ancestors, four of them, who fought for the Confederacy, one of which died for the cause -all the while, seeing the statue ripped down with no votes or attempts to stop the communist criminals. But, its bringing people to us.  I would rather it not be that way, but that’s just what it is.

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