James Hodgkinson: Not Crazy, Something Else

James Hodgkinson was not crazy and I submit that (in most cases) we need to stop using that word to describe people involved in politically motivated acts of violence.

One can examine his history and the known facts of this case and certainly conclude that Mr Hodgkinson was at times an irrational man. We all have moments of irrational behavior and thought. It is part of the human condition. I’m personally guilty of calling every ex-girlfriend and ex-wife “crazy” for their behavior during the relationship and post-breakup, but I openly admit that’s disingenuous. It’s wrong to call our sisters, mothers, aunts, and female cousins “crazy” simply for being women.

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When Dixie Goes, So Do the Founding Fathers


The attack on the Confederate flag and Southern monuments is an attack on the European people who settled this land. The recent events in New Orleans are exposing the true nature and goals of American P.O.C. The protests against Confederate symbols, such as flags and monuments, is escalating.  New Orleans is the current hot spot in this campaign of anti-white cultural genocide.

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Another Left Wing Failure in NOLA

“The Battle of New Orleans” was not so much a real battle; rather it was an opportunity for Antifa and their motley assortment of basic-bitch White liberals, pet non-whites, and sexual deviants to throw a tantrum. Keep in mind that these are the people who claim to be collecting “nazi scalps,” which in the days leading up to “The Battle of New Orleans” amounted to terrorizing elderly and disabled Southern heritage activists. However, after numerous threats of violence given from behind the safety of their computer screens, when confronted by young to middle-aged men wearing protective equipment and brandishing flag poles, these nazi-hunters couldn’t muster anything stronger than some shrieks about smashing white supremacy and some crudely worded sexual references.

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