The Churchian’s Contextomy Against The Alt-Right

Perhaps nowhere else in the West exists a Christian tradition as deeply rooted as that of Dixie (or the Southern people). Dominated by Protestantism in rural areas and peppered with Catholicism in urban areas like New Orleans, we still find community bonds and moral guidance through the cultural legacies of our religious heritage. I truly value this sense of brotherhood that Christianity provides Southern people.

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Moldylocks: Trashy Villain & Tragic Victim

Over the Easter holiday weekend, a pro-Trump rally turned violent (again) in Berkeley, California as smelly antifa agitators confronted pro free speech demonstrators adorned in MAGA hats. Reports from the melee all seem to concur that antifa was soundly beaten and embarrassed. Good news for the various iterations of white and civic nationalism that convened for the rally.

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No More Globalist Wars

Note: This piece was written before Trump declared that the US would not invade Syria. That is, however, not the primary point of this article. But, who knows what might happen next week – the neocons could be calling for ground troops in Yemen.

In light of recent events, it is not too far-fetched to consider that there may soon be yet another official theater in the never ending War on Terror. Just as the lines in the military recruiting stations were out the doors before the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent surge; it is not inconceivable to imagine this scenario once again repeating itself. This is surely alarming to the majority of identitarians and nationalists living in America.

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