New Orleans: Economic Siege

We are in a cultural and heritage “cold” conflict. This should be crystal clear.

The line in the sand has been drawn in New Orleans and in my opinion, the removal of the Robert E. Lee statue is ground zero. It is time for ordinary white Americans to forget the high mindedness of the American mythos and understand that these statues are not symbols of “white supremacy.” No. They are symbols of white solidarity, white history, white culture, and simply put, whiteness. In a very real sense, they have no place in New Orleans.

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When Dixie Goes, So Do the Founding Fathers


The attack on the Confederate flag and Southern monuments is an attack on the European people who settled this land. The recent events in New Orleans are exposing the true nature and goals of American P.O.C. The protests against Confederate symbols, such as flags and monuments, is escalating.  New Orleans is the current hot spot in this campaign of anti-white cultural genocide.

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Open Letter to “Save the Robert E. Lee Statue”

To Whom It May Concern,

Over the weekend, as you are aware, two rallies were held at Lee Park in your municipality. One was organized by pro-white, pro-monument activists and led by Alt-Right spokesperson Richard Spencer. The following day, a motley crew of “Antifa” counter-protestors gathered around the Robert E. Lee monument and defiled it with a “hate banner” intended to incite hostility toward pro-white advocates.

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The Last Full Measure of Monumental Hypocrisy

I’m starting to think the Left might be right about taking down our monuments.  America is no longer a place for the legacy of notable white men of history to be openly celebrated with their monuments on public display.   The euphoric degeneracy, rampant corruption, and insane mirth accompanying our national decline as it is labeled “progress,” epitomized and embodied by the Left and the legions of Esau’s amongst us who are all too eager to sell our heritage and birthright for the lentils of political correctness is a fair indicator that the monuments to great men of our history like Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis do indeed need to be removed.

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Chain of Hands at the Edge of the Marxist Memory Hole

On the 6th of May, myself and a group of hard-chargers drove 15 hours to defend our people at the base of the General Robert E. Lee monument in New Orleans, Louisiana. On the way down we knew we would be outnumbered by a government supported rabble of r-selected bugs, none the wiser to anything other than we were White, and they want that gone. It could have been a statue of Lincoln for all they care. Whether Southern or Cascadian, Christian or Pagan, German or Welsh, they see us as all the same: 255 bland White. The richness of our blood and soil will largely only be cherished by us, the Southern people. For this we fight.

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