White Identity: Why We Fight

“Why have you decided that preserving white heritage is the cause most deserving of your activism?”

This is a legitimate email sent to a prominent white heritage preservationist twitter account, a question that is legitimately astounding because it was a fellow white person, not an Asian or an Arab or any other ethnic person, whom has put it forth.

Why preserve white heritage? Because we are white. Because our husbands and wives are white. Because our parents are white. Because our children are white. Because our grandchildren will be white.

What more reason can there be? We are white and white is us- we are the embodiment of white identity and history, something that is beautiful and worth preserving. Western civilization has sprung forth from Europeans (whites) and now we are taught to be ashamed of that. Some of us were born at such a time that we have spent our entire lives under this system that teaches that we are guilty because we are white, that we are a people of violence and evil, that our white identity has no place in the modern world. We are conditioned to reject our whiteness or any semblance of a shared identity.

We have an entire generation of white people that have been brought up to have shame in their forefathers, to denounce the struggles of their ancestors, to spit at the soil upon which they fought and died.

That will not be the world in which we raise our children; white heritage is enduring and illustrious. Our children should know that and they should be proud to celebrate it, not shamed and silenced. No other race in the world is systematically deconstructed by the very nations that they themselves have built.

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Many of us have found this activism to be the only path forward. We are constantly bombarded with images and messages that tell us that the world would have been better off without us and that the only hope for the future is our neutralization or elimination. We have no choice but to take up arms against those that slander our identity. For the dignity of our forefathers and the future of our children, we fight this battle.

Why is white preservation worthy of our activism? Because you, a fellow white, have such little understanding of yourself and your people that you feel the need to even ask this question; because you are the perfect example of a white person that has been so deprived of his identity, within the borders of your own homeland no less, and you don’t even realize it. We are activists because of people like you.

White people are Shakespeare, Charlemagne, Catherine the Great, Joan of Arc, Ferdinand of Aragon, Robert the Bruce, Julius Caesar, Henry V. White people are not only the past, we are also the future.

We are white.

So I ask you, what could be a more worthy cause?



  1. As the population of other races grows, and white populations dwindle, the situation will become more dire every year. We lay the groundwork for our own enslavement. It’s madness.