White Identity: Why We Fight

“Why have you decided that preserving white heritage is the cause most deserving of your activism?”

This is a legitimate email sent to a prominent white heritage preservationist twitter account, a question that is legitimately astounding because it was a fellow white person, not an Asian or an Arab or any other ethnic person, whom has put it forth.

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The future is OURS, but only if there is an OUR.

I don’t fault the Millennials for hoping in Trump. Sometimes it just takes a big disappointment to learn to take things into your own hands. I myself never had faith in the federal government, as they never earned a useful reputation in my lifetime. I’ve seen the pundits come and go, always promising to undo everything the last guy did, and this time, yes this time, to do what, “We the people” want.

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The Evolutionary Trajectory of Western Civilization 

What exactly is civilization? According to the anthropological academic definition, civilization’s genesis is characterized by that epoch which occurred about 5,000 years ago and from which history was first documented in writing – a time when economic forces compelled hunter-gatherers to adopt agriculture, and human tribes gathered in city-state communities with central planning and division of labor. From that humble beginning, what is now known as ancient Sumer sprung forth from the Fertile Crescent known as Mesopotamia, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in modern Iraq, and those ancient people formed the first system of government, laws and uniform customs which still influence us to this day.

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