New Orleans: Decadent Chocolate City

A fallen citadel, the shell of a once great city; walking the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans with a keen eye, one can see echoes of its glorious past. Without question, New Orleans has always had a multicultural tradition. This is the nature of great port cities. The beckoning of fortunes to be made through the mercantile business brought immigrants from Europe by the boatload. New Orleans was also an important conduit for the slave trade before the War of Northern Aggression. A convergence of Spanish, French, Irish, Italian, and Creole cultures, one can still appreciate the unique blend this historic city once possessed.

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Moldylocks: Trashy Villain & Tragic Victim

Over the Easter holiday weekend, a pro-Trump rally turned violent (again) in Berkeley, California as smelly antifa agitators confronted pro free speech demonstrators adorned in MAGA hats. Reports from the melee all seem to concur that antifa was soundly beaten and embarrassed. Good news for the various iterations of white and civic nationalism that convened for the rally.

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Vespasian’s Vomitorium – SEC Edition

When I was a kid growing up in the South, every Friday and Saturday were filled with the cheers and jeers of sportsball fans. Decked out in the colors of their local high school or college team, legions of players and spectators clashed physically and vicariously on the 100 yard battlefield in crowded stadiums in the quest for victory over rival and foe. Not much has changed these days, perhaps the draw of football has gotten stronger. But why? What psychological need do we have to declare victory and bragging rights?

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Race War: March 2017

Within an hour of being in the South’s “Black Belt” recently to visit some family, I was already paying my Diversity Tax. After being accosted by black panhandlers and teens trying to get me to buy them alcohol and understanding that muggings occur when large groups of blacks like to congregate outside gas stations, I recalled that there is, in fact, a low-intensity, compartmentalized race war being waged in various regions of the United States. Unfortunately, only the non-white side seems to realize that this is the case. In order to illustrate that fact, here are several stories from March which received very little attention outside of local media coverage. Keep in mind that these events I have picked are an extremely fractional percentage of the total number of violent crimes committed by non-whites on whites this month. Also, if the races of the criminals and victims were reversed, then black-run cities like Atlanta would be in flames right now. Continue reading

The (((Generation Wars))) from the Perspective of Gen X

I was born in the early 1970s, a transitory era in Western culture that followed the political upheaval of the 1960s. As such, sociologists would categorize me as a member of “Generation X.” Not much is said about my generation. You could almost say we’re forgotten. We grew up with the economic security of the 1980s and we lived through Glasnost and Perestroika, a calming of tensions between the communist Soviet Union and western democracies. We had no Pearl Harbor or 9/11 to deal with as children. Our popular music was still Eurocentric, and blacks had their own genres such as R&B and Motown, which were relatively civil when compared to modern hip-hop and rap music.

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