The NRA: A Yankee Organization

Last month the National Rifle Association of America held its annual convention, this year in Georgia. Considering its origins, this is somewhat incongruous.

I used to be a member of the NRA –used to be. I joined when I was fifteen, and let my membership go a long time ago, probably five plus years ago. I did attend the national convention once, back in 2008 when it was held in Louisville, Kentucky. I criticized the NRA around this time last year with my May 25th post The NRA: Defender of the Second Amendment?

First of all, contrary to popular “conservative” opinion, the NRA is not an American organization; the NRA is a Yankee organization. The NRA was founded in New York state in 1871 by ex-Union army officers who were dismayed at the poor marksmanship of the Union soldiers during the War of Northern Aggression. The first president of the NRA was General Ambrose Burnside, a former Yankee general. They then established a rifle range for their organization –on Long Island in New York! Seriously. Then they moved their range to New Jersey. Yep. Finally, they moved the National Matches to Camp Perry, in northern Ohio. Do you see a trend here?

The NRA was meant to be sort-of a Union paramilitary organization. The NRA was not founded as a gun club, a hunting club, or a gun rights lobbying group. It was founded by Yankees who had oppressed the South and wished for their boys to be better prepared if they wanted to do so again.

While we think of the NRA as standing against gun control, it did not form the NRA-ILA until 1975 -a century after its founding, four decades after the NFA 34, and seven years after the GCA 68 was enacted. Why so late? (It has been rumored that the NRA collaborated with the U.S. Congress on the writing of the NFA 34).

The NRA does host police pistol championships also. My understanding is that the NRA will not host a match were civilians shoot pistols at human silhouette targets -unlike the I.P.S.C. and the I.D.P.A. which were literally founded by private citizens to shoot pistols in realistic/combat scenarios.

The NRA does not truly defend the 2nd Amendment. The NRA is not calling for the repeal of all current gun control laws. What does the 2nd Amendment even say?

The 2nd Amendment states the following: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. My 6th edition of Black’s Law Dictionary informs me that an “infringement” is “A breaking into; a trespass or encroachment upon;”. To encroach is “To enter by gradual steps or stealth into the possessions or rights of another;” The 2nd Amendment not only prohibits the confiscation of privately owned guns, it even clearly prohibits the gradual gun regulations that restrict our right –the regulations that the Yankee NRA does not oppose! (I suppose that many who read this already know this, but the Confederate Constitution of 1861 copied the U.S. Constitution’s wording of the 2nd Amendment word for word as their A1S9C13).

Do Southern country boys need a Yankee organization to teach them how to safely and accurately shoot guns? I think not! From Virginia to the Deep South to the edges of Appalachia –Southern boys have fathers and grandfathers who can teach them this. I am not against occasionally reading a book on technique by a renowned shooter or hunter, as I have, but formal training is unnecessary.

Those who attended this year’s NRA national convention got to see huge amounts of guns and gear on display by the manufacturers, and hear speeches. President Donald Trump, a New York native with Jewish grandchildren, even personally addressed the convention this year. The NRA supports “our” troops in the current wars of Empire around the globe. The present day NRA celebrates the unnecessary war against and destruction of Germany by the Allies, the same as its Yankee founders no doubt celebrated the destruction of the South. The NRA is a sham, a Yankee group that the South does not need.