Bob Goodlatte: Make the Shenandoah San Salvador!

It never changes does it. If you’re a student of Virginia politics, you know full well that most of the state is being demographically and politically transformed by both internal (think Yankee shitlibs, cucks and transplants) and external immigration (think Third World refuse). Most of our Republican leadership isn’t even made up of actual Virginians. See the ugly mug associated with this article, it’s none other than Massachusetts native, now a Virginia trvecon, Bob Goodlatte.

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Heritage Not Hate?

The cliff notes to the modern, acceptable narrative of North/South history goes something like this: prior to 1865 the South was dominated by spiteful, white capitalists who out of pure greed and racism enslaved the negro. The enlightened North embarked upon a holy crusade in order to free the slaves and purify the South of bigotry and racism. After the North did what needed to be done, the South naturally remained economically and educationally deficient- after all, only ignorant, toothless hicks could ever be racist or practice slavery. So, their lack of economic prowess was really very understandable. During the 20th century, the North had to once more step in and physically force the South to integrate her schools. It was for their own good after all. Ever since then, the recalcitrant South has been the backwater of America; a place which Northeastern progressives will ever be able to righteously look down upon and sadly shake their pious heads.

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Lovecraft & Lee – Sons of Albion’s Ancient Race

H.P. Lovecraft’s genius always surprises me from time to time. A master of horror fiction and of old Rhode Island native stock, Lovecraft’s work influenced the likes of Stephen King and Clive Barker. His The Shadow over Innsmouth is one of the greats in dark literature and an allegory on the dangers of miscegenation. A dyed-in-the-wool Anglophile and disdainful toward non-Anglo Saxon races, Lovecraft’s reputation has been tarnished by progressive do-gooders as “problematic” and racist per Current Year dogma.

I don’t care what the communist book-burners have to say about Lovecraft and neither should you. This post isn’t about Lovecraft’s sensible views on the races, but rather his surprisingly deep appreciation for another son of Albion and one of our Southern icons – General Robert E. Lee.

Below is his moving tribute to The Old Man:

Si veris magna paratur
Fama bonis, et se successu nuda remoto
Inspicitur virtus, quicquid laudamus in ullo
Majorum, ortuna fuit. 

– Lucan

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