Remembering Trump’s Treachery & the Black Pill’s Bane

From the outset of this year’s “selection cycle” I frequently found occasion to remind esteemed friends and comrades in the trenches of the myriad reasons we should only support Trump with cautious optimism.

From virtually every angle of consideration, the tidal wave of pro-Trump fervor that many a good and learned dissident for the dispossessed majority found themselves gripped by during the Trump campaign was hastily contrived and ill-conceived.  Not because we are pessimists and have succumbed to despair, but because the truth seeker is in this war of ideas; these battles for the hearts, minds, and souls of our people for our freedom and our liberty to win them.  Not to subsist.  Or to settle.  But to provide a future for our posterity.  A cause as noble and timeless as that requires nothing less than steadfast vigilance on all fronts.  We don’t look for superheroes to save us.  We look for leaders of men with a vision and the tenacity to pursue that vision with our dying breath to rally behind.

It’s no slight to Donald Trump that he was never, even in his greatest moments where his populist rhetoric burned the hottest, that kind of a man.  No man who seeks to take the reigns of this wicked, corrupt, perverse Babylonian system we live in can be.

America has not truly been our country since 1865 when the Confederacy fell to the treasonous invasion of Abraham Lincoln’s “Union” forces.  The surrender of Robert E. Lee at Appomattox ensured an end to the second American Revolution, a revolution that the forces of righteousness lost.  From that moment forward, the dream that was America was in decline.  A decline that has culminated in and brought about the bitter harvest we are reaping today.  National sins must be atoned for with national calamity, and until the American people understand and acknowledge the true source of our woes, we cannot hope to be restored to the land of the Pilgrim’s pride where freedom truly did ring.  There is no statute of limitations on the unspeakable crimes of the Lincoln administration, and our government officials since his time have almost to a man been little more than accessories after the fact.

It’s true that a great many of my fellow laborers in the trenches held out with some hope for Trump not out of naivety, but out of a hope that because our (((traditional enemies))) are quite obviously only unified by the fact that their paychecks are, at the end of the day cut by the same handful of dynastic banking families (when you follow the money back far enough–I am by no means suggesting that it’s always THAT obvious, though it IS that obvious often enough.) and that consequently it’s possible that someone could be selected for the residency of the Oval Office that is less of a Luciferian leftist than say, Hillary Clinton, under whose titular headship we might only be subjected to a kinder, gentler form of Marxist madness. Which was legitimate up to a point, but still missing the bigger picture, if allowed to grow any measure beyond a hypothetical.

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There are numerous other considerations and allowances to elaborate on if one is to delve into this topic with any degree of thoroughness and fairness, such as the fact that even with a full knowledge of the inevitability of Trump reneging on most if not all of his campaign promises, a Trump residency was still far more appealing because his hands are not yet dripping with blood, like Hillary’s are, but to do so here would be rambling, because the extent to which I have done so thus far was purposed solely for laying the groundwork for the central premise of this post:

A recent article from the LA Times by one Doyle McManus came across my newsfeed recently and prompted a few thoughts.

The article can be read here:

What a co-inky-dink! Less than a hundred days of being in office and every policy “decision” Trump has made has constituted a near 180 reversal of his rhetoric and placed him squarely within the chalk lines of normative cohen-servatism.

The author then continues to insult our intelligence by taking a “yeah, reality will do that to you” kind of attitude and speaking as though Populist sensibilities are fantasy land oddities with no actual, factual basis in reality that anyone actually having to deal with issues will find completely and thoroughly impossible to subordinate themselves to, if and when not outright inapplicable.

Students of history know better. They know that Populism/Nationalism is merely vanilla nation-building principles applied, and that the nations of history whose ships ran aground were not the ones who stayed true to those principles, but rather those whose captains and crew members succumbed to the siren song of Globalism and joined the Multi-cult. The Roman Empire is one of the most prominent examples of this, and the parallels between the modern American Empire and the ancient Roman Empire seem to grow by the day.

We as a nation and a people need, more than ever, to look from the rock from whence we are hewn, and remember that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  2 Chronicles 7:14 does not have an expiration date, and Deuteronomy 28 is a two-way street.

Though it saddens me to see so many good people being black pilled by these recent developments with Trump, anything that can wean us off of the infantile need for superheroes who promise us indirectly that we can have our cake and eat it too, that we are so readily attracted to as humans like a moth is attracted to the flame is to our benefit.  Not just in the long run, but in the short term as well–because the only time we really achieve anything in life comes from outgrowing such childish naivety and learning that the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth can be a meaningful foundation from which we build and rebuild.

I encourage each and every one of you to look to the real leaders amongst your ranks.  The ones in your churches and communities who had the courage to call it like they saw it, but the compassion to allow you to keep your dignity intact even when literally everything they warned you about which you refused to listen to proved to be true.  Be humble.  Be introspective and circumspect. Use your hands, hearts and heads to support the people that languish in comparative obscurity to the Trumps of this world, laboring in the trenches for home and hearth, kith and kin and do more for our volk then Trump has or will do in ten lifetimes with a fraction of the resources.

Support such men as that and inch by inch and mile by mile, we can take our country back. For such men are the sort that God has always used towards such ends, and presumably always will.

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