Why We Fight

This was originally a long, epic, pompous piece stating the purpose for our glorious new site. Between the time I put my first draft to paper and the time of original posting reality intervened, changing circumstances so that such a piece would be ignored if I were to do that right now. I am writing this on January 16, 2017 and our “national” “affiliated” “organization” (quotations intentional) has suffered an enormous blow, as several of our most prominent leaders have been doxed – which is to say their personal details, real names, business and employment circumstances, and family relationships have been posted online and subsequently published for all the world to see. If I were to write a pompous piece of prose right now, odds are that you the reader would either ignore it, or forget about it immediately after reading it, thereby ensuring that not a goddamned thing in the world was changed or improved by my writing. Since this is our attempt to launch one of hopefully multiple Southern Nationalist webzines of the alternative right, change is our explicit goal. (And there I go with that pomposity.)

Why We Fight. Why do we fight? Why do we expose ourselves to risk for our heritage, culture, and political beliefs, especially in light of recent events which demonstrated that alternative right circles are seemingly just as willing to turn their knives on each other as they are to turn their knives on their enemies? And why do we even dignify what we are doing as “fighting,” since the reality is that we are mostly a series of online chat rooms devoted to the inglorious work of becoming the loudest and least heard echo chambers in the world?

We fight because we are a people and we have a right to exist. Southern whites are under attack by a liberal egalitarian establishment that seeks to destroy every vestige of our unique Southern culture, history, and identity. The American Managerial State has decreed that Southerners are an impediment to said state, just as the organic community, church, extended and nuclear families, and all the other “small platoons” of society are. Southern Identity is one among many roadblocks that stands in the way of the managerial state and for this our identity is threatened with a Great Erasure like so many of the other institutions of civil society. We fight because the inertia of waiting for a call to action will kill us if we do not. It is time that we stop thinking of ourselves as a chatroom and start thinking of ourselves as an insurgency.

We fight because no one else will. We fight because no one else cares about our interests as white Southerners. We fight because if we do not our grandchildren will grow up in a world in which the entire Southland has gone the way of South Florida and Northern Virginia. We Fight because no one is coming to save us.

– Mencken’s Ghost, co-host of Rebel Yell


  1. “we are mostly a series of online chat rooms devoted to the inglorious work of becoming the loudest and least heard echo chambers in the world” <- I may have to steal this.

    I may not be a southerner, but I wish you (and all of us insurgents) the best of luck.

  2. You’ve shown true leadership with your interview w/ Mike (& many others!), & your grasp of history. Your last podcast from last season was one for the ages. + the opening & closing songs are always good:) let us know how to d’nate. “we fight because no one is coming to save us.”