An Open letter to the Men of the South from a Damned Yankee

From the Pen of an American Jeremiah, Larry Auster:

“My highest beliefs

I have had this thought going back decades.

I believe in two things: God, and white Western civilization.

Posted by Lawrence Auster on March 19 at 10:24 AM”

In Response and from Dark Enlightenment:


I do not envy you your Task, Dixie is among the last nations in Christendom, and it is besieged both from within and without, by fierce and terrible enemies. Some purely of this world, Others most assuredly not.

If we lose here, then the lights go out. Everything, from Homer to Walker Percy, will be gone, gone like yesterday’s dew.

If you are reading this, I don’t need to tell you about white dispossession, the destruction of the Church, the failure of our politics, or any of the other numerous deadly perils our civilization faces.

Some of you may ask why I, a damned Yankee, have the audacity to give Southrons advice, and wonder why I can’t just hoe my own row and leave you all alone. It is very true that minding other people’s business is the Yankee disease, and I has it, albeit only a touch. As a man suffering under the pozz of west coast gentry liberalism, Dixie is a beacon of hope, and an example of right conduct in a world gone mad.

I am writing not to tell you to do things my way, but to do things your way, only harder. Perhaps this is an excuse, but I think it different than telling you to do things my way.

What do I mean, do things your way? Very simply, I also believe in White Western Christian Civilization, and the South is the last outpost of such in the World.

Take up the Cross of St. Andrew under which your ancestors fought so valiantly and continue their fight. There will be no cavalry charges in this war, no handsome grey uniforms, and no Great Generals to lead us, but we are in a war nonetheless, and wars must be fought.

This KultureKampf must be fought primarily in the minds and hearts of our neighbors. Secede – secede in your minds, and hearts. Teach your neighbors the same.

Secede from the school system that teaches your children that mentally ill men are women.

Secede from a system that puts your health and safety at the mercy of criminal negroes, who riot, rape and murder without ceasing, and seemingly without consequence.

Secede from a system that gives your daughters the idea that they are ersatz men, happier working than raising children.

Secede from a system that takes your son’s sense of honor and compels him not to throw his body between HIS home and wars desolation, but between warring tribes of foreigners, both of whom will hate him when he comes home, hurt and older than his years. Odds are that one of the hostile foreigners from a previous misadventure will drive him home from the airport.

Secede because you can, you have an organic nation, that us poor bastards in “America” don’t have.

Secede above all, because the Faith of Our Fathers Demands it.

Secede, Dixie, or you will perish just as the rest of us will.

Deo Vindice,

Dark Enlightenment”


Dark Enlightenment is an Alt Right infrastructure nerd. Smartass in Residence at the Propertarian Institute. King Shitlord of the North. He can be reached on Twitter at @enlightdark.