Beyond The Wall 29: Dixie Futurism

In this episode we have the pleasure of speaking with a dear friend of the podcast: Mr. Musonius Rufus, leader of Identity Dixie and creator and host of the Rebel Yell podcast. We discuss similarities between the South and Spain, how the South planned (plans?) to conquer the Caribbean and create a plantation empire and lots of Mexico/Dixie issues.

Musonius was one of the first guests and contributors to our podcast way back before we were in the TRS radio network and has always helped us whenever we needed something. As you will hear in the following presentation, you’re in for a real treat when you hear our guest share his ideas and opinions regarding a wide range of subjects as we always try to do in this podcast.

In the Taco Stand we have: Cavernario, Tercio and Paul; Special guest: Musonius Rufus.

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