Beyond The Wall Episode 41 King of Pol

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In this episode we had the great pleasure of chatting with King of Pol, of Gamergate fame. We talk about his involvement in the Gamergate movement, what he thinks about it, what happened to it and of course many many more topics with our distinct and patented High Effort Shitposting style.

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Beyond The Wall 40 With John C. Wright

Editor’s note: We had some problems with the audio file as we were recording the show. I did my best to try to clean the audio out and make it as listenable as possible, so I hope it is not completely horrible for our listeners, my apologies in advance if is not to your liking. -Paul

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The Catalonia Question

Article by Tercio originally publish at La Derecha Alternativa’s blog.
The issue of Catalonian independence is heating up, both in the normie sphere and in the confines of the alternative right. Everyone from Edward Snowden and Julian Assange to is weighing in. The first two being in favor the last (at least that article) against it. But everyone is wrong, Assange is wrong, Snowden is wrong and’s Vincent Law is wrong, I’m right, listen to me.

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