A Stranger Over Thee?

Empires fracture; this is an inevitable part of their makeup. Nations are built around the tribe; empires are built around violent conquest or commerce. Multiethnic countries never work out long term. People being ruled over by an (ethnic) foreigner, even if he is born on their soil, never works well –or sets well with those being ruled. This is all pretty simple.

The more I focus on the tribal base of nations, and the more I study limited republic style government, the more I am convinced that all government should be as local as practicable. Basically, governments need to be small enough to be united racially, linguistically, culturally, economically, and (political) ideologically –but large enough to defend themselves from envious neighbor countries.

The exact optimum size for a country will vary with the time and place, and is primarily determined by population numbers and geography. That being said, it is pretty apparent that the continent wide empire that is the United States of America is much bigger than optimum for a limited-government republic with representative democracy. Even if all Americans were of white European lineage and spoke English, the country is really too big and diverse (tribally and geographically) to be one political entity.

There is a reason that the separate nations of Europe are, and historically have been, just that –separate nations. Consider that the Germanic tribes formed different countries/political entities: Germany, Austria, Holland, and Sweden. I hold that Germans, Celts, and Slavs –ethnic brothers but with different cultures and languages- do not belong in one Europe-wide state.

Even the Bible teaches this, as referenced in the title of this piece. In the 17th chapter of Deuteronomy, we read of God placing limits on the future kings that they would set over themselves. Verse 15 states that: “one from among they brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother.” Also, in 1st Chronicles 11:1, we read of Israel coming to David to accept him as king, and proclaiming that “we are thy bone and thy flesh”. There is no question that any legitimate leader of a people MUST be a member of their ethnic group. Must!

The thirteen colonies turned states that fought the American Revolution and formed the United States were exclusively Western European –the Germanic and Celtic people groups. America was founded as an English speaking country of white men, the majority being from the British Isles. This was workable, but perhaps a bit wider than optimum.

This brings me to two points. Point one is that present day America, even if there were no non-whites here, is two tribally and geographically diverse. New England, Texas, Alaska, and the Deep South in one country? Are you kidding? In addition to different worldviews and personal temperaments, which are likely rooted in genetics, the different climates and geography of the American Empire are conducive to different lifestyles/economies. Different economies and geographies will often lead to wrangling over tax policies and foreign trade deals, and differing opinions on defense policy and spending.

My second point is that Barack Hussein Obama was not the legitimate President of the United States. First lay aside whether or not it is even (Biblically or practically) possible to have a legitimate leader in a multiracial country. Next lay aside Obama’s birth certificate deal, childhood residency in Indonesia, college transcripts, and friendship with 1960’s leftist Weatherman terrorist Bill Ayers. Next lay aside the 14th Amendment, anchor babies, voter fraud, and (potentially hackable) electronic voting machines. Even if Obama was a legal U.S. citizen and was legally elected –he could not legitimately be the president of the U.S. because he is not of the ethnos of the majority of the country –the people who founded it two centuries before his birth. As a side note, as Barack Obama is not a Negro but a mulatto, he could not legitimately lead any of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa either (even if he were born in Kenya).

After Imperial America goes through the inevitable (and potentially chaotic) fracturing process, the countries that form up will likely be formed on ethic or ethnic and geographical lines. That would be for the best. Then they can have legitimate leaders again.


  1. The entire Old Testament is about the injustice of a race of people (Jews) being ruled over by other races (Babylonians, Romans, Egyptians) and seeking the independence of the Promised Land. It only works one way though, Goyim. It’s only an injustice to be a minority holding a victim card.