Alt-South Memo 6: Torching Cuckfederates

Today on the Alt-South Memo:

  • Louisiana bill to stop the Left’s destruction of Confederate monuments. Too little, too late from the GOP. UPDATE: The bill passed the House on a party-line vote. The Republicans finally came through on something. Now it goes to the Senate.
  • Celebrate the culture of the Third World invaders who are replacing you in Cary, NC. And remember, folks, it’s free!
  • Fox News openly gay host Shepard Smith calls for Mississippi State Flag to come down.
  • Some Boomer Cuckfederates counter-signal the glory of the torchlight march against the anti-Southern degenerates in Charlottesville, VA. What use are such people?

Alt-South Memo is brought to you by Occidental Dissent and Identity Dixie. Many thanks to Charlie Stuart from the Thistle and Brier podcast for all his help in making ASM possible!

One thought on “Alt-South Memo 6: Torching Cuckfederates

  1. Too little too late, but I’m glad the bureaucracy has made the effort to pass legislation to protect the rest of Louisiana’s monuments…for now.


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