Solidarity with South Africa

White solidarity is an underrated theme within the Alt-Right. We are rightfully very focused on our struggle within the United States and to secure our people’s rightful place. Unfortunately, we often find that we are a diaspora within this country. This is why we must break this diaspora, and establish solidarity with our foreign brothers. By this I mean the white people inhabiting Western and Eastern Europe, Australia, and all those displaced. Foremost, we must help to secure the existence of white people in South Africa. For they are the most disenfranchised and abused.

The South African people are currently experiencing one of the worst genocides which humanity has had witness to within the past century. When I say South African, I mean specifically the Boers. They specifically have been targeted most voraciously by the negroid population of South Africa. If I were to categorize the atrocities committed against the Boers within the past year, it would basically consist of a litany of murders, rape, and destruction of farms of the Boer people, perpetrated by the black population. This is only permissible because of a sentiment that the Boers are somehow deserved of this treatment.

British colonialism was a large adversary of the Afrikaner people. It was essentially only enforced after a discovery of gold or diamonds by the Boers. It was only then that the British crown contested control of the lands settled by the Boers. This land settled by the Boers was not occupied by the blacks in South Africa at the time they settled it. It was in the interior of Africa, and the black populations living there had been massacred by the Zulus. It was only after the Crown helped to foment feelings of anger and entitlement, that the black people warred with the Boers for control of this land.

Of course, later came the Anglo-Boer War in which the Boers were defeated. Had these things not happened, I speculate that the Boers would have remained largely separate from the surrounding black populations. This would have probably eliminated the need for an apartheid system, and subsequently, the re-integration that started the genocide we are witnessing now.

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The decline of the Boer people and the nationalist state they had for a period from 1948 through 1994, was helped along by certain (((people))). The most significant blow to their nationalist state came with the assassination of Henrick Verwoerd. This was the man who helped engineer many of the policies of apartheid. His nationalist tendencies and his stance against settling Jewish refugees in South Africa made him an enemy of the Jews. Sadly, he was basically one of our guys.

In addition, the Soviet Union and the Chinese backed black armies that rose up against the nationalist state during the years of apartheid. Ultimately, South Africa is largely a victim to many of the same motifs of modern politics that we endure. But, more importantly, the death of the Boer farmers is completely ignored by the media in the US. That is why it is of the utmost importance that we show solidarity with our Afrikaner brother. To be honest family, we are basically them, a few decades removed.

As a Southerner, their struggle strikes me as particularly poignant. I can relate to the feeling of being an outsider in your own country, of being viewed as recalcitrant. It seems that in much the same way, the world thinks the Boer should accept their fate and go quietly into the night. This is why we should play whatever part we can, however small, to help advocate for the Boer and their continued existence.

By Braxton Bragg.


  1. All I can say is that, if Somalis can flood Minnesota, I see no reason why states in Dixie ought not extend an open invitation for every last Afrikaner.