Relax, We Can’t Actually Be Replaced

The selfish, insane behavior of our leaders has led many to despair that whites are being replaced. I’ve seen this slogan so many times. I don’t disagree with deploying it because it’s alarming and highly useful. We need something incisive to cut through the propaganda bombardment. However, after those whom we’ve converted get acquainted, they should cheer up and bear in mind that it’s impossible to replace us – or rather, to copy and mimic us. We have been displaced in many areas, but we can’t be replaced. The places we’re displaced from are invariably reduced to the shitholes that their new populations support.

Why? Socially engineering non-whites to behave like whites never, ever works. This process is highly coercive, extremely expensive, and invariably ends in failure. Let’s peruse a brief list of examples:

Initiative: Whites have high rates of home ownership. Thus, if the government induces the loaning of massive sums of money to mortgages to the ascendant, they’ll be on the path to productive citizenship.

Result: A massive economic meltdown propelled through fraudulent activity by Jewish-led financial institutions. Labelling loans to the ascendants as creditworthy didn’t stop them from defaulting and inducing the recession that we’ve never really recovered from.

Initiative: Whites have high rates of educational attainment. Therefore, we must produce more POC’s with degrees. This will help them embark on a path to prosperity.

Result: The government spends trillions to produce high school and college POC graduates who are just as dumb as their forbearers who lacked these pieces of paper. Who would’ve thought that degrees can’t alter DNA?

Image result for ghetto schools
“Dance Off” in Chicago School

Initiative: Schools discipline POC students far more often than white students. Thus, we can achieve harmony by addressing this injustice through a “disparate impact” policy that prevents POC students from being disciplined.

Result: Anarchical schools that force otherwise complacent, cucked teachers to quit their jobs because they’re physically unsafe.

Initiative: The average white man can’t be described by the term “felon”. This is primarily why they have access to employment opportunities. It’s imperative that we “ban the box” on job applications and start labeling felons (POCs) as “Justice Involved Individuals”.

Result: Stupid, indolent criminals are still themselves.

Initiative: Blacks can be imported into cities to bolster the labor force. Naturally, schools must also be desegregated in the interest of harmony.

Result: Prosperous cities across the America have been reduced to violent wastelands and productive white homeowners have their net worth decimated when they’re forced to abandon their homes for pennies on the dollar.

Image result for black baltimore
The corpse of Baltimore

Initiative: Companies can’t be insightful and productive without a high number of POC’s in their workforce. So, we must discriminate against qualified whites in order to enhance the human capital that sustains our economy.

Result: POCs aren’t good at much of anything useful. So the economy now shoulders the massive burden of make-work jobs for POCs. These expensive positions encourage the companies to relocate to Asia and gleefully, poison the work environment for whites. Cucked, complacent workers experience frustration and resentment.

Initiative: The European workforce is contracting and will be unable to fund retirees as they expect to be funded. Thus, we must revitalize our societies with a vibrant influx from the Islamic world and Sub-Saharan Africa. These new Europeans will avert the continent’s financial troubles.

Result: Europe is spiraling rapidly towards sectarian conflict and bankruptcy as this inundation of entitled young men embark on an orgy of rape and mayhem across the continent. Governments struggle to lock up enough of their own tax-paying natives over FB posts to calm the situation down.

The sad reality is that we’re guaranteed to continue with this insanity until the money runs out. Anything less the doubling down on these policies would force those who initiated them to admit that they’re monstrously inept traitors who have done so much harm that they deserve to hang from a lamppost. The good news is that we already can’t pay for these stupid ideas or “people”. Debt keeps this madness going but only in the short term. Failure isn’t something that can be consistently replicated. These POCs are fed as long as we can pay. This can only end in disaster, only after which a new, sane West can emerge.

-By Tom Shackleford