Southern Baptist vs Dixie Baptist

This is a  response to the recent article An Argument for a Church of Dixie which I mostly agree with and find an encouraging and necessary step forward. I do agree that we need an uncucked Protestant denomination as they all seem to be SJW converged. It is easy to see that the Southern Baptist denomination was originally unapologetically racist, white supremacist and even pro slavery and I think we can take it for granted that they would have also taken the side of patriarchy if it were even a contested issue in the political climate of the day. This phenomenon is a good example of how SJW infiltration and convergence has ruined a Christian denomination just like it ruins everything else. If anything we can credit the church for holding out so long compared to secular institutions.

I am going to briefly go through the most discussed religious/denominational options for Dixians based on my impressions. I am going to focus on pragmatic issues as I see them related to our racial interest rather than appeals to doctrinal accuracy or even the Divinity of Jesus. It is my impression at this point in my life as a Christian that few people are moved from one denomination to another (or simply give up on church) over issues of accuracy in church doctrine. It is usually over convenience, aesthetics or butthurt. It is extremely unlikely that your village atheist lost his faith after months of carefully studying arguments for vs against the existence of God and it is extremely unlikely that the family that showed up to your Baptist church from the Presbyterian church across town decided to make the switch after doing thorough research on how John the Baptist and the early church baptized.


  • Racially cucked, today if not historically.
  • Popular among Cajuns and transplants but minority religion among the core South.
  • Most Dixians find it personally alien even though it has had a longstanding position as a minority religion in Dixie.
  • Although a minority denomination, we do have a significant number of Catholic Dixians around the South.
  • Still patriarchal (if we can even use that word to describe celibate, childless men) but barely hanging on. Likely to fold on this issue within our lifetimes.
  • Would likely create divided loyalty between Dixie and Vatican.


  • noncucked, but favors the wrong ethnic groups
  • Still “patriarchal” in leadership
  • Very alien to Dixie with no significant historic presence
  • Number of practitioners insignificant among ethnic Dixians


  • Cucked and noncucked variants out there
  • Practiced by extremely small numbers of our target demographic
  • While (WN variants) are racially friendly (in a generic whiteness sense), it is theologically hostile.
    • Forces vast majority of Dixians to choose between racial loyalty and loyalty to their Faith
    • Most prominent WN variant (Odinism/Asatru) is Germanic rather than Celtic, so it can never be truly ours in an ethnic sense. Druidism would be very hard to reconstruct since they did not leave significant religious writings (despite their having a written language)
    • Christian vs pagan divide is much wider than Protestant vs Catholic


  • As a part of the British diaspora, we do have strong historical Anglican/Episcopal roots, but few Dixians are still in this camp today.
  • As we are indeed separate from Britain, a separate nation, a separate dialect, a separate culture, a separate political entity, we should also be separate from the Church of England.


  • Present denominations are racially cucked and feminized, but were not always so.
  • By far the most popular religious grouping in Dixie with SBC being by far the most popular denomination. SBC was once “ours” in terms of racial interest but SJW conversion has ruined it.
  • Recent declarations by SBC17 give us the opportunity to capitalize on a massive reaction from disaffected congregants.
  • Our biggest (and our target base’s) problems with Protestant churches in Dixie are rooted in their recent feminization and rampant racial cucking rather than minor doctrinal issues.

Based on these factors, I must agree with the original argument that a new Protestant denomination by far shows the most potential for our racial interests. I would also suggest that we consider a precucked SBC as a template for us to build from. It is by far the single denomination most familiar and endeared to our base. SBC history over the past ~150 years provides us with an excellent opportunity to observe the stages of SJW infiltration and convergence on what was originally *our* denomination and was further to the right on the question of race than most of today’s altright. It even bore our demonym in its very name, but bearing our name did not ward off the wolves that have succeeded in turning the Southern Baptist denomination into an antiSouth entity.

The SJW infiltration and convergence phenomenon should be much better understood by us today than by any of our ancestors. We cannot blame SBC founders for neglecting to build a better foundation, but we are indeed negligent if we do not address the issue. Likely fortifications against SJW convergence in founding documents might explicitly:

  • Require that only men can be leaders, including clergy, deacons or elders, etc.
  • Require that only racial Dixians can be leaders
  • Require that all leaders be married with biological children before assuming authority.
  • Ban on homosexual leaders and repudiation of homosexual acts
  • Ban miscegenation with nonwhites and instruct adherents to prefer marriage with other Dixians over nonDixian whites
  • Acknowledge the legitimacy of the Dixian collective ethnic interests in general.
  • Acknowledge human inequality and the danger of inequality denial.
  • Ban on leaders taking outside money or other assets
  • Emphasize the practice of judicious excommunication
  • State that the purpose of the denomination is for our own people rather than Great Commission without respect to race. While we may welcome the Evangelization of other races, we do not desire to add them to our denomination.
  • Require a confession of beliefs/creed from aspiring members. While one may not have to confess all the relevant points to become a Christian, he must confess all of them to become a member of CoD.

Additionally I would say that given the embarrassment of Evolution denial among many Protestants in the South it would probably be good for our founding documents to acknowledge Evolution over literal Young Earth Creationism.

For easy recruitment of disenchanted SBC individuals it might even be expedient to use the Baptist brand with a name such as Baptist Church of Dixie or Dixie Baptist Church. We could even give the poke to some current congregations to break ties with SBC and align with DBC. This could even lead the way for some other denominations to follow suite. Breaking the ice would probably be the hardest step, but I’ve got a hunch many critics of Christianity in the altright would be surprised at the number of congregations that would split to join the movement once the ball got rolling. This would of course be more likely if we do not try to push too many changes from the historical SBC, but it really wouldn’t take very many changes to serve our purpose and it would almost perfectly align our message with the preexisting views of millions of our coethnics who are currently disenchanted with modern trends in their own denomination. Some individuals as a matter of taste may prefer different traditions, but that should be balanced with the desire of most unreconstructed Dixians to simply have their grandparents’ church back and to stop funding leaders that betray them.

The views presented in this article reflect those of the author at a given point in time and may not reflect the views of Identity Dixie or even those of the same author at some point in the past or future.



  1. Excellent article, I agree with all of your precepts except POSSIBLY this one, “Ban on leaders taking outside money or other assets”. I understand the goal is not to buy undo influence but if a Church leader could take foreign monies without being corrupted it’s always nice to have financial assistance. I have no opinion if it would need to be a new or re-take a preexisting denomination.

    Regarding the Great Commission, if we are to listen to the words of Jesus Himself then clearly that commission itself was ethnically based:

    Matthew 10
    “5 These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions: “Do not go among the Gentiles or enter any town of the Samaritans. 6 Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. “

  2. Though the wife and I are Catholick, we live so far in the Carolina swamps that we most often attend a Freewill Baptist Church that is carrying on exactly has they were 50 years ago, if not 100.

    Of course, pressure, in many ways. comes to our church, from up top – to ‘make changes’, not least of which all the material they send us is endlessly ‘diverse’ and ‘global’.

    Last week I made up a sheet that highlighted the quotes of Dr. Russell Moore, and, as well, reported of the Denomination’s moves to purge the bible of gender insensitivity, and their denunciation of all racism.

    Though the church usually confines itself to arguments over church picnics, my reading of these things (most members are not online and following such things) ) launcht quite a fire.

    The days are numbered, for our old church in the Southern Baptist Denomination, because, we are still Southron, and yet the denomination, itself, is become a Yankee synagogue for The Gospel of Marx.

  3. “…given the embarrassment of Evolution denial among many Protestants in the South it would probably be good for our founding documents to acknowledge Evolution over literal Young Earth Creationism.” – evolution is a ridiculous pagan myth updated with a veneer of Victorian pseudo-science. Arguably, it doesn’t even rise to the level of intellectual integrity of pagan mythology because it fails to account for a Prime Mover to initiate creation. I’m not embarrassed by evolution denial and I honestly don’t know anyone who professes to be a Christian who would hesitate to deny or denounce it.

    To make it a foundational doctrine, or to give it formal approval or to even fail to unequivocally condemn it would be fatal to any orthodox Christian organization. Your C of D will quickly become either a Sunday morning Lions Club, a Masonic Lodge or bunch of Unitarian apostates wearing a St Andrews Cross.

    The author of this article doesn’t seem to have any idea of what would comprise a stable biblical foundation and creed for a new denomination. The best template is not the SBC, which was always weak on doctrine and creed, but rather confessions like the Thirty Nine Articles, the Westminster Confession of Faith or the Three Forms of Unity. Creation must be affirmed alongside the Flood as historic events recorded in the bible and events that formed the physical universe.