More’s The Pity

All over the West people are searching for meaning. Identities confused. Ethnicity. Language. Culture. Ancestry. They’re trying to recreate what we have lost in the last 100 years. That is all it took. 100 years and 20th century philosophy, which ultimately had its roots in Enlightenment philosophy where they killed the objective truth, attempted to kill God, and the embodiment of truth, Jesus Christ.

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Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion

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Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion

April 15, 2016 Francis Uncategorized 1


Summary: Research shows that people like those who are similar to them. Moreover, the more heritable a trait is the more important similarity in it is to friends and spouses. Thus, people enjoy the company of those who are genetically similar to them. This may explain why people to marry, befriend, and live near, members of their own race for more than randomness would predict. Moreover, a rich literature of correlational, longitudinal, and experimental, data shows that people get along better with members of their own race and that ethnic diversity damages social cohesion. 

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Knights of the round EP23 Buckets of peace and activism

In this episode the Knights discuss the recent terror attack in the UK, with the new weapon to hit the streets… the bucket of peace! Should buckets be banned to keep the UK safe? What has MBE foster parents have to do with all this? We also go into the Charlottesville protest and discuss how events across the pond have knock on effects in the UK. Would a windmill of peace be allowed at a UK rally? Whats the prospects for UK nationalism? So keep an eye out for rouges as the Knights retake the streets!

Crush The Urbanite! (Redux)

Today in this modern globalized world, we are beholden to cities. Not only the people who inhabit cities, but the values they are beholden to. Modern cosmopolitan behaviours and social patterns can be found endemically in *Megalopolises* and their adjacent suburbs. These bourgeoise robots that inhabit the empty husks that are modern cities are the de facto “aristocrats” that dictate culture and politics. Dildopolitik, racial “justice” and materialism are the fads du jour. Yesterday, it was sodomite marriage, today it is the removal of our Confederate statues, and tomorrow God knows what it will be. The last election proved that a “Blue Archipelago” of metropolises in almost every state almost cost us an election of great magnitude, but why are urbanites and urbanization so degenerate and destructive to an authentic blood-and-soil nationalist movement?

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