Somalians – Keeping the Peace in the City of Lakes

In March of 2015, the Minneapolis Police Department took a great big progressive step towards making their city not only safe, but also reflective of their community demographically. Since we all know that people are equal, one can only be a bigot to assume that a SOMALIAN wouldn’t be able to understand and uphold the law.

Well color me racist, because this whole part above is bullshit.

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Thoughts on Church and State

Confusion arises in public discourse because of the failure of Christians to understand the distinction between Church and State. The prevailing view throughout Christian history has been that the two should occupy distinct spheres. This view was maintained by leading Reformers such as John Calvin and Martin Luther. There are two separate realms—one dealing with the supernatural and the other with the natural. The way each goes about its mission is unique. The traditional view is that God ordained differing roles.  The role of the State is to enforce justice by natural law—through the power of the sword. The Church fulfills its mandate by mercy through the power of God’s grace. In Christianity grace and justice are in tension with one another. The State is a manifestation of God’s wrath (Romans 13:3-4).

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