Weimerica: Where Vice Has Become Virtue

Recently, Andrew Anglin over at DailyStormer published a piece where he touched on the age old tactic that the (((media))) uses when going after “muh literally Hitler” figures such as himself. It’s simple really – dig into their past, find all their closet skeletons, find associates (possibly enemies) willing to smear them, and ultimately discredit their radical right-wing message by showing them to be “hypocrites”.

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Speaking Truth to Egalitarianism

Why is miscegenation immoral? In the Current Year, most Westerners would outright reject even the slightest suggestion that it is. Even still, deep down, all white parents (fathers and mothers alike) experience a measure of disappointment when their daughter brings home a “nice black boy” to meet her family. Despite their misgivings, many (if not most) parents will choose not to rock the boat, not to express their disappointment (to each other as well as their daughter) and silently pray that it’s “just a phase.” They instinctively know that their daughter is making a bad choice, but their egalitarian indoctrination prevents them from fully understanding why – and, in fact muddies their thinking to the point that they dismiss their misgivings as unethical, out of date prejudice.

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The Law of Averages 

Very often, I get my inspiration to write an article after “effortposting” in response to a social media comment or meme. Often I feel compelled to address multiple outrageous posts – such is life when you’re a White Nationalist autiste. Identity Dixie is a Southern Nationalist identitarian organization of Alt-Right activists. We try to provide content that is specific to our mission, but there are many issues that pertain to the Alt-Right movement as a whole and these social media posts often contain themes relevant to the broader message of the Alt-Right.

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Do You Dare?

Recent removal of several of our cherished Southern cultural artifacts at the hands of Black and (((Carpetbagger))) city councilmen has led me to ponder how we as southerners ever came to this point. The arrival to where we are now could have been seen by our forefathers who fought against the Civil Rights (((activists))) during the 60’s and those who surrendered begrudgingly at Appomattox. They saw that their actions will reverberate through history, and reflect how people will view their cause.

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Dixie off the Top Rope: The South, Pro-Wrestling, and Dildolech

The big Cadillac tear-asses down the road like a rampaging dinosaur.

Telephone poles fly by, barely made visible by headlights carving through a Louisiana night that’s darker than ten feet up a coal miner’s ass. The young man behind the wheel is about to shit up his back with fear for his life. He will go on to become Ol’ J.R. – Jumpin’ Jim Ross – the White Meat Babyface from Oklahoma; one of the most iconic announcers in the history of the business of professional wrestling and sports entertainment. But the young man doesn’t know that. For him, life hangs in the balance as his drunk boss, Leroy McGuirk, loads the .38 revolver and issues forth dark profanity, raging with murderous intent from the passenger seat.

All hell has broken loose.

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