Some Thoughts on the JQ

“The Jewish Question” is a common topic discussed among members of the Alt-Right, with solutions ranging from complete acceptance and integration to ovens.  I don’t yet have a solid opinion on the end game in terms of the millennia long conflict that has existed between European gentiles and Jews.  But here are some of my thoughts on the Jewish question.

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A Forgotten Hero: James Graham, Marquess of Montrose

 Above: James Graham (left) and Thomas Jackson (right).  Both men are famous for that which they accomplished during just one year of their lives (1644-1645 and 1862-1863 respectively).

This is a short summary of the life and times of James Graham, one of the most interesting and admirable figures in British history (in my humble opinion).  His story caught my eye some time ago, but I have only recently begun looking into it.  Join me, dear reader, as we explore the life of James Graham, “The Great Montrose.”

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“Terrorism” is a Red Herring

A short polemic regarding Islamic immigration

My main concern with Islamic immigration isn’t terrorism.

It isn’t even large incidents like the events of New Years Eve 2015 in Cologne.

The impact of Muslim immigration is rarely so dramatic.

It’s the petty theft. It’s the vagrancy. It’s the creepy stares they give to our wives, girlfriends, daughters, mothers, and sisters.

One mugging, one carjacking – these things can change the entire atmosphere of a community in an instant. Parents will worry about their children leaving the house, and wives will fear for their husbands when they go to work. I’ve seen what one petty crime can do to a high trust community – it destroys that trust.

The foreign languages being spoken in public places, behind the backs of residents. The rudeness exhibited by the newcomers. Those small things that erode fellowship, erode community, and make life just that little bit less pleasant.

This is what we have to tell the normies. Terrorism is incredibly rare. Even rape, though increasingly common in European countries due to the crisis, is relatively uncommon.

But the erosion of social trust? Just one Somalian amongst a group of 10,000 whites can accomplish that. Just by mugging one person, touching one child, or jacking one car.

“Terrorism” is only cited as a reason to oppose Islamic immigration because our politicians are too cowardly to tell the truth.  The truth that the very presence of third world peoples – even without their radical madrassas, mosques, and calls to prayer – are a threat to the very fabric of our society.

The Right has been using the same tired arguments against Islamic immigration since 9/11  – that Islamic immigrants bring terror.  When it is pointed out that a vast majority of Muslim immigrants are not terrorists, the entire anti-Islamic immigration argument is left deflated.

“Terrorism” is a red herring.  The real threat involves the average Muslim man, woman, and child.  The real threat is the erosion of community and trust.