Correcting Team ‘Merica’s Scorecard

I saw that USA Today recently published some news about the U.S. Army. Apparently, the American Empire attempted to allow its citizens with a history of serious mental illness, such as cutting (also known as “self-mutilation”) and depression, to seek a waiver and join the Army. The idiotic decision was quickly retracted by the top brass. But, it appears that the Empire has been experiencing problems with meeting its recruitment quota. To me, this isn’t all that surprising. Who would want to join a military with a declining, albeit fairly recently, reputation and poor record?

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Bro ‘Merica’s Historical Illiteracy

The worst type of people advocating the removal of Confederate symbols are the patriots. Here’s to the government they love putting them all in FEMA liquidation camps.

Their patriotism is shallow, bro-tier nonsense that originally started as a way to make fun of the absurdities American patriotism. Seriously, just look at how r/MURICA developed. It’s a case study in Poe’s Law. It’s a sham, and I hope you all accidentally shoot yourselves.

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