Heritage Not Hate?

The cliff notes to the modern, acceptable narrative of North/South history goes something like this: prior to 1865 the South was dominated by spiteful, white capitalists who out of pure greed and racism enslaved the negro. The enlightened North embarked upon a holy crusade in order to free the slaves and purify the South of bigotry and racism. After the North did what needed to be done, the South naturally remained economically and educationally deficient- after all, only ignorant, toothless hicks could ever be racist or practice slavery. So, their lack of economic prowess was really very understandable. During the 20th century, the North had to once more step in and physically force the South to integrate her schools. It was for their own good after all. Ever since then, the recalcitrant South has been the backwater of America; a place which Northeastern progressives will ever be able to righteously look down upon and sadly shake their pious heads.

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Another Left Wing Failure in NOLA

“The Battle of New Orleans” was not so much a real battle; rather it was an opportunity for Antifa and their motley assortment of basic-bitch White liberals, pet non-whites, and sexual deviants to throw a tantrum. Keep in mind that these are the people who claim to be collecting “nazi scalps,” which in the days leading up to “The Battle of New Orleans” amounted to terrorizing elderly and disabled Southern heritage activists. However, after numerous threats of violence given from behind the safety of their computer screens, when confronted by young to middle-aged men wearing protective equipment and brandishing flag poles, these nazi-hunters couldn’t muster anything stronger than some shrieks about smashing white supremacy and some crudely worded sexual references.

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No More Globalist Wars

Note: This piece was written before Trump declared that the US would not invade Syria. That is, however, not the primary point of this article. But, who knows what might happen next week – the neocons could be calling for ground troops in Yemen.

In light of recent events, it is not too far-fetched to consider that there may soon be yet another official theater in the never ending War on Terror. Just as the lines in the military recruiting stations were out the doors before the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent surge; it is not inconceivable to imagine this scenario once again repeating itself. This is surely alarming to the majority of identitarians and nationalists living in America.

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Crush the UrbaNEET 6: Salty Surprise

This week we have Salty Seaman from The Fatherland on to discuss some more positive stuff about our people; Namely, why we tend to be more motivated than others. In the second half, we angery post about sodomites. All the featured music is random stuff from the internet with no credible sources. If you recognize it, please let us know.

Any questions, comments, feedback, and/or hatemail can be sent to crushtheurbaneet@gmail.com

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