Yes, The Media Is Radicalizing White People…Against White People

Sometimes the best approach to the public sphere is to just shut up and let the opposition do the talking. Like children, deranged liberals say the craziest things. Exhibit A: this instance where the erstwhile wokeistas over at the Huffington Post want to make sure everyone involved in this abortion kerfluffle remembers that “men” can get abortions too! Brave new world indeed.

Other times, it is important to sit back and let the kabbalistic maths of the vast Left Wing Industrial Complex’s billion dollar data industry prove everything right wingers and white idenitarians of all stripes have been saying for the last few years. Luckily, one of their best funded sub-factions, the Jewish media, have been a little peeved with their white brethren over the ongoing internecine squabble about the role of Israel in America’s genocidal foreign policy. Some of the more self-aware figures in the Jewish community seem to be waking up to the idea that all of the things “white privilege” accusatorily endows on factory workers in Youngstown actually describe them much better.

Again, our suggestion is to just shut up and let this one take its course, and in the mean time harvest data from Hebraic data-crunchers, who are admittedly very good at their job.

Take a look at this, which just appeared in Tablet, courtesy of Zach Goldberg.

Yes, we shamelessly reproduced their graph, and we’ll do it again. Watch

Mr. Goldberg does a good job of striking a neutral tone when discussing what will likely get him heresied out of the Academy– the ascendant, virulently self-hating faction of “woke” American liberals. It turns out, as we have anecdotally suggested for years, they have moved far to the left of their preferred minority communities in terms of group preference. They are now the only significant group in America that displays “outgroup preference.” It is easy to wonder why Jews were not included in this sampling since the same publication is obviously aware that Jews generally perceive themselves as non-white. Let’s not complain about free data too much though.

The out group preference stuff is nothing new, or at least it should not surprise anyone, except possibly the scale. The disparity between them and the next closest group, non-liberal whites (whose numbers are almost certainly boosted by the dwindling remnants of David French’s insane loser cult), is astonishing. White liberals seem to despise themselves at least as much as normal white (and black, and Hispanic, and Asian) people enjoy themselves, at least as far as that sort of thing wanders across the conscious front of their thoughts.

What is more revealing about the data in this chart is the relative parity among “non-liberal” (read: not mentally deranged) whites’ in-group preferences and the black, Asian and Hispanic communities respectively (those aren’t typos, Hispania and Asia are places). They chart right alongside minority groups, in a range that it seems safe to conclude is relatively healthy since it is across-the-board pretty similar. Now look at the white liberal index again. In an astonishing display of outgroup-piety, these troglodytes have a warmer attitude about Hispanics than even Hispanics do. Go figure.

Staff meeting at Vice

This can’t have always been the case though, right? We know, for instance, that back in the halcyon Clinton days– when the worst white conservatives had to worry about was being burned alive in their churches or popped by a totally random federal sniper, white liberals were just as scared as anyone else of “crack babies” turning into “super predators,” and sometimes even today’s assiduously postured radicals like “Sleepy” Joe Biden gave away that they really wanted to build a wall between Texas and Mexico. What the hell happened?

Well, Zach Goldberg is here to help us again. It turns out it is a nest of young, white liberals who were…get this…radicalized on the internet. Where have we heard that story before? Oh yes, the New York Times. Let’s let Goldberg take the reins here for a bit:

Between 2006 and 2018, the percentage of respondents listing the internet as their primary news source jumped roughly 33 percentage points from 14.2% to 47.6%. Turning to social media, data I pooled from the Pew Research Center shows a similar increase in the percentage of people reporting social media use between 2008-2016, from 34.8% to 73%. These increases have occurred among all whites, regardless of political affiliation, but not to the same degree. White liberals place ahead of conservatives on every one of these measures of internet use and social media exposure. They spend significantly more weekly hours on the internet; are significantly more likely to list the internet as their primary news source; and significantly more likely to consume news from and be politically active on social media. A 2016 Pew Racial Attitudes survey further shows that of the 74% of white liberals (vs. 55% of white conservatives) reporting social media use, roughly 44% (vs. 30% of white conservatives) say that at least some of the posts are about race or race relations. And, more generally, 70% of white liberals (vs. 51% of white conservatives) report discussing race relations or racial inequality with others either “sometimes” (39%) or “often” (31%).

Depiction of Zach Goldberg ca. 2019, colorized

Goldberg is really on a hot streak here, and he gives the second barrel when he produces some quantitative data on exactly what kind of content all those digital white liberals have been consuming. Strap in, the graphs are about to fly hot and heavy.

Wow. That last one is a truly staggering metric. But just remember, the next time a white liberal accuses you of lacking self-confidence, statistically it is they who hate themselves. The next time a liberal media outlet refers to the Dissident Right as an online program of radicalization for domestic terrorists– remember that statistically speaking, that is what they are doing. Like dogs to their vomit, barbaric liberals and despisers of civilization will fall back on accusing everyone of doing exactly what they are doing.

Hey New York Times, what are you up to there?


  1. Like dogs to their vomit, barbaric liberals and despisers of civilization will fall back on accusing everyone of doing exactly what they are doing.

    You mean, “what they are doing in spades.” There, fixed.

    Well, yeah. Duh! Not to be a wise ass or anything, but what you’re talking about is basic human depravity stuff 101. It’s a strategy employed by those generally the most incompetent at whatever task they share with others their superiors. Child rearing is a very good example. The very worst parents are generally the most vocal about proper child-rearing techniques they themselves are far and away the biggest failures at. I’ve seen this phenomenon so many times in my adult life I have literally lost count. These moronic half-wits get on social media at every waking hour and cite case after case in which some other parents than themselves have failed miserably. Again, it’s simply strategy to take the onus off their own backs and divert attention away from themselves and their own failures. Their kids are also generally the most belligerent little bastards you ever saw, but of course that is just one more (among many) indications that what they are up to is to divert attention away from their own greater failings. What the “Christians” among them fail to realize is that they are serial violators of those six things, yea seven, of which the Lord says He hates, and are an abomination unto Him.

    They have their reward!

  2. I remember it was around 2014 that I began to notice things starting to seriously go off the rails. It makes sense now when applied to those graphs. Great article.

  3. Yep, if we are being honest, social media is the primary engine behind radicalization, and right wingers are a reactionary force as opposed to a driving force. It’s just too bad that more older people don’t use social media the same way younger people do, or else a full blown right-wing Revolution would occur. For all the shit that boomers get, more of their natural proclivities are to vote in their own in-group interests than millennials.

  4. “The next time a liberal media outlet refers to the Dissident Right as an online program of radicalization for domestic terrorists– remember that statistically speaking, that is what they are doing.”

    I’m sorry, but you didn’t establish causation in your data and also nothing about any of this implies domestic terrorism.

    Also, you banned me from your Facebook page, surely by accident. I cannot imagine such a free-thinking individual, as you surely must be, would cow so easily in the face of mild criticism.

    Bless your heart.

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