Yes, It Takes A Village

I read that the Boy Scouts were dropping the word “boy” and just being the “Scouts” from now on. No word yet on whether the Girl Scouts is going to change. I have been kind of working over the thoughts in my head for some time about how we need to come together for the proper raising of boys (and girls) but this news kicked me in the rear to write something. It’s easy to dream about how we might do things in the future Ethnostate, but of course that does not help us out much right now. Summer camps, boyscouts and 4-H used to fill this role for a lot of youngsters but these institutions are quickly becoming worthless or even counterproductive.

I didn’t go to any church camps growing up, so I can only speculate what they are like. It is somewhat popular among our circles to bash Evangelical culture for being too weak and feminized and not traditional enough, but Evangelical churches are still churning out large numbers of young boys and girls who believe in saving virginity until marriage, who believe in patriarchy and who recognize that Hollywood is poison. They also have above replacement fertility, in some cases, having quite large families, so perhaps we should do more taking notes than bashing. After all, we basically believe all the same stuff they believe, except we are also nationalistic, wise to the JQ and savvier to the wiles of modern day witch burners. One thing I do know about Evangelical circles is that they don’t operate as lone rangers. Their homeschooled children are often networked with others and even the ones that go to public school are usually well socialized in strong youth programs at church.

Even though we may fault the typical Evangelical for not being as ‘redpilled’ as we are, they are winning the war of the cradle in today’s anti-Christian and anti-white environment. They may be increasingly feminized and the percentage of boys that could actually change a tire might be abysmal, but hey,  at least they know how to play guitar and work sound systems. Jokes aside, they have their faults, but they are still doing a lot of things right. One glaring thing they are doing right that many of us are doing wrong is networking and taking the village approach to the proper raising of children. They have come out from among the ungodly and set up their own institutions.

It is simply impossible for a man to properly raise his son to be a man all by himself. Boys need more than one role model and more than one teacher. They also need some friends their own age. It is of course a man’s job to be the primary male role model for his sons, but if you think you can properly do it all by yourself then you have a major pride problem you need to deal with. I am not aware of any culture that has survived without some sort of cooperative training of young men. In traditional rural America, perhaps the most individualist culture in the world, boys had other men that were instrumental in their upbringing: their uncles and grandfathers, their pastors and youth leaders, their schoolteachers, including shop teachers and the high school sports coach, usually dubbed the simple but powerful title of respect, ‘Coach’ (with the surname only included if needed for clarity). There may also have been scoutmasters, 4H leaders, or if he was fortunate enough to take a martial art he may have had a sensei.

There is no way in Weimerica that a man can be all of these things (at least not with excellence) to his son if he is also busy being a provider for the family, a husband for his wife and an advocate for our cause, all while keeping his daughter off the coal.

Churches typically do a great job of instilling sexual purity as a value in young girls, but my observation is they do a very poor job of giving pragmatic instruction on navigating successfully to the marriage bed, while immersed in a degenerate overculture. I suppose going to a Christian college in place of a secular one would be a good start. Once upon a time we had debutante balls to help get girls married off to quality young men. Today, we live in a time of peak lunacy where we turn 18 year old girls loose to chart their own course and find their own boyfriends with little to no supervision. Oftentimes, the parents of the bride only meet the new son-in-law just before or just after the wedding, if there is a wedding at all. The girl’s father often ends up being both the father and grandfather for mulatto grandchildren.

So, we have a dilemma. The secular institutions are too degenerate and the Evangelical institutions are too feminized and ‘bluepilled’ on a few issues. We must either influence the existing institutions or we must build our own. Influencing secular institutions is a lost cause that we can eliminate from the start, so there is no point wasting time there.

Here are just a few things that we could do if we took the village approach to raising our sons:

  • form a common corpus of reading material, TV programs and movies, Country and Bluegrass (Dixian folk music) as an alternative to cable TV and rainbow music
  • teach jiu jitsu or boxing with sparring partners
  • physical fitness instruction
  • organized hikes and camping trips
  • firearms instruction (even if you do this at home it’s still good to do in different environments)
  • teach real, nonfeminized, oldschool shop classes
  • intersperse with pragmatic advice on navigating life
  • facilitate wholesome social networks for our sons and daughters.

The shop classes are a big deal. I had a chance conversation with a medical college surgery professor some years back who mentioned they had to start having “psychomotor skills labs” because so many students just did not have the manual dexterity and confidence to use surgical tools, presumably because boys today seldom have a background doing any sort of handiwork and girls so often never learn to sew, so when they get to med school they have to do extra practice just to build up what should be normal dexterity. This is a new way to be literally handicapped. Yes, handicapped. If you don’t do enough work with your hands growing up to develop normal dexterity then you end up with an easily preventable handicap that leaves you disadvantaged in life, especially if you are a man.

This of course was just a starter pack of ideas. The sky is the limit. These things could rather easily be done whether the children are homeschooled or public schooled and could be started on the micro level with as few as two boys. Perhaps somebody somewhere might be able to achieve some of these things through his local church, but it seems wise for us to look toward building our own systems. Yes, Hillary was right about something. It does take a village, but I doubt she would approve of our village.




  1. The closest that exists now is the SCV’s Davis Youth Camp, it’s similar to typical week-long summer camp but works to instill pro-Southern camaraderie, positive history and Christian values. The Abbeville Institute has a summer school but personally I know less about it. We certainly need more, much more….the things you mentioned at a minimum to help separate ourselves and our children from a society turned up-side-down, excellent article.

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