Yang Gang: Necessary Dissent

The Dissident Right has no viable presidential candidate. Trump is not /our guy/. He’s had three years to make good on his campaign promises to his voting base and is quickly losing steam, while his previously hot takes are made lukewarm by his actions. He’s clearly not a man of his word and so it comes as no surprise that the Dissident Right is, well, dissident and angry.

Let’s be clear: we are all aware that with the current economic climate, rise of radical feminism, dramatic increase of women in the workforce, decreasing in earnings of family men, the housing market bubble and rising inflation have all made it drastically more difficult for a middle class white man to provide for a family on one household income. In addition to these undeniable factors, the government is systematically siphoning what little we make and funneling it into the hands of minorities and illegal aliens to the tune of 729 billion dollars (2017) in for welfare spending alone, never mind the auxiliary programs for education and immigration. New Deal policies like Social Security will be absolutely worthless by the time our generation comes up to retirement, and we can’t count on the trade markets to handle our investments, like retirement savings and home values properly to secure our own futures.

The current welfare system is stacked decidedly against us, while vehemently and racially biased and outdated programs like Affirmative Action all but guarantee that there is a decided war against our people. These are no longer the days of a white Southern man earning a fair dollar to guide his family through the world. As much as we would like to think we’re going to bring that back, it’s not going to happen in Weimerica. The harsh, relentless reality is that the old world and way of life no longer exists. We cannot afford to fall back on our misdirected proud Anglo morals that instruct us to “earn an honest dollar” to support our family. Should we continue to strive for that? Absolutely. Should we stupidly adhere to a moral value that our political adversaries never held sacred? Absolutely not. Save your moral values for your brothers and sisters, especially regarding this Yang UBI nonsense.

Are Alaskans failing to provide for their families when they receive the dividends from oil profits? The US has a real GDP of 19 trillion dollars and you want to criticize your brothers and sisters over a $12k income supplement program paid via VAT that would absolutely obliterate a grossly expanded welfare system which supports the exact demographic we’d like to see shrink. Do not forget the US is an oligarchy. A VAT tax hurts only the major corporations who are actively writing laws that denigrate, demoralize and destroy our people and the way of life we pursue. This is not a fair and balanced democratic system. We are not free. This isn’t fair. We have men in jail because they couldn’t even afford effective legal counsel, yet we have men on our side with the audacity to accuse their brothers in the movement of being lumpenproletariats for supporting welfare reform, simply because this reform idea came from the mouth of a leftist chinaman. Have you forgotten Charles Murray?

I get it. You’re scared of communism, socialism and democrats. It’s hard to get over what Roosevelt did to the South because it was unthinkable that he wouldn’t reward a solid voting base with funds from federal programs, but he gave that money to the states his administration was courting instead. And, the South suffered. Damn Democrats. But, we should be willing to learn from past mistakes and avoid throwing our blind support into one particular side of the political spectrum, a side which does not look out for our interests as white middle class Southerners.

The Yang Gang meme crosses the boundary between Left and Right and screams that we want to be heard. It just might be enough to scare Trump into revising his policies or begin implementing the policies he promised us in 2016. We are not in danger of a communist takeover in the Dissident Right; however, we are in real danger of falling from the middle class because we’re so stuck on the idea of revitalizing a dead American Dream, which we fail to recognize has been dead since the 1960s. So, perhaps instead of using this as a divisive tactic, the Red Scare of the Dissident Right, maybe look the other way, while the irony bros you accuse of nihilism work their meme magic. Try to hear the message behind the meme: We are not broken; we are looking for alternatives.

The Yang Gang debate among ourselves has brought out the worst and most insulting accusations: those on our side who like the idea of Yang’s UBI income are “weak men” who fail to support their families. Allow me to bring something to the forefront that appears to have been forgotten in this debate: The middle class is crumbling, and we are all struggling to support our families, while minorities and illegal aliens are recipients of hundreds of billions of dollars in tax funded welfare programs. Your kids are eating PB and J for lunch and their kids are gorging themselves on food stamp luxuries, literally obese off your tax dollars – and you’re paying for their diabetes as well under a poorly written healthcare system specifically designed to burden the middle class.

Financial insecurity among the middle class and the rising generations is so rampant, millennials are saying they either don’t want kids, or are delaying having kids because they are insecure financially. Insulting your brothers and sisters using outdated tropes developed 60 years ago based on the lie of the American Dream is hardly an extension of brotherly solidarity, and completely ignores the underlying message of what Yang Gang irony bros are saying: It is undeniable truth that we can no longer play fair and support our families, raise and educate our children, own property and protect our rights on a one family income, while playing by outdated conservative rules and values.

Do you hear what’s being said to you when you accuse them of being failures? Go ahead and gloss this over while calling it a nihilistic pursuit, but where are the viable alternatives? Loudly throwing support behind a ridiculously absurd political candidate as a form of memetic warfare to highlight what can arguably be called the root cause of our people’s primary complaint is a highly effective form of political dissent. Maybe our current president will listen when he sees that he will surely lose reelection – an inevitability we should begin preparations for.

Yours truly, always.

Ms. Scarlett


  1. “lie of the American dream ”
    And just what is UBI if not the rehashing of that same lie?

    If Yang were elected (he won’t be) what makes you think he’d be any more effective than trump at getting his agenda implemented? And even if he did, what makes you think it would be universal (ie inclusive of yt) after Congress writes the bill? We’d end up with more gibs for immigrants.

    Trp has shown that a president without party backing is useless.

    Also, Yang is a lefty and any alt right support will only hinder him.

      1. Yang would not be allowed to collapse the nation anymore than trump has been allowed to “drain the swamp “.

      1. Yeah, heard that before. It doesn’t work, half your people will miss the “irony ” (man! I hate that word!) and a new, stupid alt right off shoot will come into being.

        But go ahead and try at least Yang will get a chance to virtue signal.

      2. I have no problem with a “new, stupid alt right off shoot” coming into being. At a minimum, the Yang phenomenon has proven that our media apparatus is stronger than the Israeli tribes. It has shown that when we organize, we have the power to destroy or make a President or Presidential Candidate – and the Israeli media machine can not stop us. I will take that profit over whatever cost. The morale boost alone to our lads is worth it, let alone the expression of strength.

  2. I’m gonna tell you plain “guest” . I think you need to pack sand in your crack, kick rocks, miss me with that gay shit and toddle off back to Reddit and the daily stooler crew with this yang shit.

    At least pick someone white b4 you come to a prodominately white IDENTITY board.

    I ain’t nothing to nobody here, but I’m not gonna sit here and tolerate this OBVIOUS waste of IDENTITARIANS time nor efforts.

    This community would be better served if they discussed options pulled from the either than allowing you to poison the wellspring of thought with this Spencer yang shit.

    And if op is a mod, just deact my account, cuz the more yang shit I see, the more I’m gonna make an effort to be here to stop it.

    1. No one cares what effort you make. You want us to vote for Trump again? Tell Trump to build the fucking wall and denounce Israel and quit sucking their cocks. Otherwise I don’t vote for him. I was promised a wall, Hillary in prison, and an end to globalism; instead I got no wall, Hillary is fucking free, and we get ZioGloboHomo on a daily basis and Trump denouncing his own fucking base as “anti-semitic” for calling out the GloboHomo crimes of Israel.

      You’re barking up the wrong tree. If you don’t like Yang, you need to talk to Trump, not the people that Trump betrayed.

      1. No dummy, I’m talking about yand and Todd the rod being an obvious attempt by Spencer alt litist borderline controlled jewry attempt to stray from identitarianism WHICH puts ppl in Trump’s column once they realize how pointless yangary is.

        You must have misunderstood me. To be clear, I’m beyond voting period. I’m a siegist (if my monicur didn’t make it plain), I’d sooner support Omar B4 I’d vote for trump again… If I still believed voting made a difference which I don’t.

      2. You must have misunderstood me. To be clear, I’m beyond voting period. I’m a siegist (if my monicer didn’t make it plain),…

        It took me many years of brain-dead participation to figure out that the American electoral system is a total sham. When the exercise of my “sacred franchise” counts for more than that of an 18-22 year-old unsexed feminist juvenile delinquent college student, or that of inner-city blacks reared by the Matriarchy of the “Hood,” etc., I’ll consider once again lending credibility to a system that, all of my life, has been incredibly stupid and self-destructive in the very issue.

    2. I’d like to bring your attention to the non-existence of the insistence of actually voting for a slant. I’m sure it’s possible you may have nodded off while trying to make it through the whole thing; nursing home life is tough. I hope they bring your apple sauce and blood pressure meds soon, before you blast an artery.

      1. Be advised I’m mean nasty and tired. Nice try agent of the stormer. You didn’t refute my assertion.

  3. We fight delaying battles to buy time for preparation, not lay down our arms for the time being and attempt to operate within the left’s system.until that system collapses. You mistake the desire to lessen the blow when this sinking ship known as the American Empire finally keels over for some naive wish to continue a bygone “American Dream”. To put it simply, would you rather crash in a car that’s going 30mph or 100mph? Either way you get hurt, but one is more likely to destroy your will to live than the other.

  4. i voted fer alvin green heer in sc against mista demint in 2010–probably yall’s too yung to rememba that.
    see dis heer; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alvin_Greene
    hoo cares???
    i want da worst up thare we can git–it ain’t worth savin’, yung’fols or ppl or whateva in da hail all this short hand text bs yall use p in heer!
    think outside the box, folks. irony, ridicule, and the unexpected iz th’ key to winning–or at leest havin’ fun tryin’…

  5. Identity Dixie usually has great articles, but this one is absurd. “The US has a real GDP of 19 trillion dollars and you want to criticize your brothers and sisters over a $12k income supplement program paid via VAT that would absolutely obliterate a grossly expanded welfare system which supports the exact demographic we’d like to see shrink. Do not forget the US is an oligarchy. A VAT tax hurts only the major corporations who are actively writing laws that denigrate, demoralize and destroy our people and the way of life we pursue.” Who do you think pays VAT? It’s like sales tax- the corporations don’t pay it- WE DO. So there goes your extra “free money.” And it certainly wouldn’t obliterate the welfare system- it would be just more free money for them, while the rest of us foot the bill. Because no matter how many trillions of GDP the US has, the oligarchs that pocket it certainly won’t give up their profits. It’s also really dumb to support a Chink socialist, just because your disappointed that the only half-way nationalist white guy we’ve got hasn’t followed through on all of his promises (because he has both parties against him). At least he’s done some good things, more than we could reasonably expect from any American president, like lower unemployment. As well as his rhetoric which has made nationalism more mainstream across the white world, or at least not so much of a dirty word (except to leftists, of course.) You are only helping the NWO Zionists who are pulling out all the stops to derail Trump and prevent him from getting re-eleected, because defeating him would discourage not only American “nationalists,” but real nationalist movements all across Europe.

    1. Who do you think pays VAT? It’s like sales tax- the corporations don’t pay it- WE DO. So there goes your extra “free money.”

      Ha, ha. Yep. I’m glad you addressed this; someone needs to, but it wears me out to repeat myself over and over again.

      It’s really not that difficult to understand that you can impose as many taxes on corporations as you like, but they’re just going to turn around and pass those expenses on to the consumer *if* they don’t decide to shut down production altogether. Now, the consumer may or may not be paying actual taxes depending on the nature of his employment and income, but he is certainly bearing the immediate cost at the point of purchase in any case. Which just creates an endless cycle of throwing good money after bad.

      When all of a sudden the government Apparatchik (their name is Legion, for they are many) realizes that his soft welfare money isn’t going as far as it once did, he begins to lobby for higher wages and/or more benefits. This is natural enough, but what is it to him? He isn’t paying for it, and as he is wont to point out, he doesn’t mind paying his “fair share” of taxes. Well of course not; he isn’t paying taxes in any case, “fair share” or otherwise – the taxes collected on his pay check (just like those collected from him at the point of purchase) are all being paid by the productive classes, who are always and invariably the ones hurt (made poorer) by taxation in any form.

      Such schemes never work as advertised because there is only so much wealth to go around and fund every pet project and every pet “job creation” under the sun. None of which ever go away. Meanwhile, if you attach “education funding” to an otherwise purely unpopular piece of legislation, the dumbass electorate will pass it nearly every time. This is how we finally got (after numerous failed attempts) class-C gaming and the lottery in Oklahoma some years back. When the lottery failed to produce the “school funding” promised (now there’s a shocker!) the powers that be decided to double the cost of low-end tickets. When this failed to produce double the revenue that it was producing at half the cost, the dumbass electorate concluded there must be some hanky-panky (more than usual) going on in the lottery system.

      I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I’m not the dullest one either. If I can manufacture and sell some useless trinket or other for a dollar and make a fair profit, it would be idiotic of me to get greedy and double the price and expect to in turn double my profits. That isn’t the way things work; a typical customer might like to purchase five of these trinkets a month at a buck a pop just for his own entertainment, but he only has five dollars in his budget for the purchase of these little trinkets of mine, so I am more likely to lose sales than to gain income when all is said and done.

      The bottom line on all of this is that taxes don’t grow on trees. Real people who create real wealth pay taxes. No one else does.

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