Yang Gang: Fellowship of the Broken

Over the course of the last week, I, and many of you, have run across the new “Yang Gang” memes. Originally, I took the meme at face value and thought it was hilarious. For me, it perfectly captured a number of things about the Dissident Right’s state of affairs. It strongly criticized the way that the Trump administration has failed on a vast majority of the idealistic campaign promises that were supposed to turn the country around.  

It also captured the desperation that many are feeling with the realization that the destructive course the West is on will not be averted with the Trump presidency. That criticism, along with the disillusionment many are feeling, was fertile ground for the comedy behind the meme. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be funny and ironic has shockingly now shifted to something different- that Yang Gang isn’t treating this as a joke. They’re serious. And, that’s a serious problem.

Perhaps this was another personal failing on my part. This certainly is not the first time this has happened. Almost a year ago, I thought that the Nazbol memes were funny for the same reason. To think that the same people pushing for a Trump presidency would all of a sudden take such a radical swing to the Left and start advocating for some sort of White Communism seemed so ludicrous to me that I could only take it as comedy gold.  I was proven wrong then, and it seems, through my own naiveite, I am being proven wrong again.

There is a sad realization to be had, but also a learning opportunity that comes along with moments like these.  

The first thing that is blatantly obvious about the Yang support is its futility.  The man is not some Trumpian candidate of the Left. Trump was, at the very least, a household name with enough fame and fortune to run a serious campaign. Andrew Yang has neither of those, and the only thing the man has going for him are a set of lofty, yet implausible, ideals. The hope that some sort of “meme magic” could propel this dead-in-the-water candidate to the forefront of the Democratic primaries is too ridiculous to even consider here. On some level everyone knows this, even those who have chosen to give their support to Yang, and this fact reveals the most about the type of travelers among us.

To preface a bit, the Dissident Right miscalculated during the Trump candidacy. What most of us believed at the time was that the future of America was on the precipice of failure and that if we could somehow, some way, just begin to tip her back toward sanity she could be saved. We did not realize that America was already gone, for better or worse. Donald Trump was not the saving grace we thought he would be, but rather the first shot from the defeated side of a war that had long been lost. Over the course of his presidency thus far, I believe that most of us have woken up to that fact, and it is the realization of this fact that separates the wheat from the chaff.

The effectiveness of any movement rests on its leaders’ ability to maintain morale and effectively assess the difficulties facing the movement. I will not name names, but the failure of the Dissident Right was not necessarily in its leaderships’ miscalculation of what we were up against, but rather, in its failure to effectively rally the troops when our predicament had been properly assessed. What happened was a splintering into various, warring factions that have effectively rendered the movement null and void (there is a reason we are no longer in national headlines).  Many of the people who believed in that saving grace have turned bitter and destructive. Instead of recalibrating and preparing to move in a direction that will actually be fruitful, they would rather fight among others, waste their time in nihilistic pursuits (like supporting Andrew Yang or advocating for Nazbol), or self-destruct under the weight of the black pill. Perhaps it is because, psychologically, these folks cannot suffer another defeat or setback, but that is neither here nor there. This is the crux of what we level-headed folks need to recognize so that we can reorganize more effectively and combat it if it ever comes our way again.

The only way forward

Dissident movements are…well…filled with dissident people, and plenty of those people are broken by the system. No surprise there. However, a movement that allows broken people in will go nowhere if that movement cannot either a) fix the broken people or b) remove those who cannot be fixed. Many broken people do not want to be fixed, they would rather latch onto something to destroy it, much the same way as they destroy themselves. Folks unironically advocating for Yang Gang are broken. They have given up hope in our movement’s ability to right what is wrong in society and would rather spend their time in frivolous “gibs me dat” pursuits, rather than champion ideas that can actually save our people and way of life. For those of us who are serious, we need to try to help fix these broken people so that they can help in our struggle to bring about real change or let them fall by the wayside by means of a swift boot to the ass. Keeping people around with a destructive mentality will only destroy us in the end, and this is one of the main reasons why dissident groups of the past have always failed. They have been more focused on quantity, rather than quality.

This is the sad realization: we have filled our ranks with broken people who lack the drive and willpower to forge on ahead in the face of defeat and act toward positive ends. We have those among us who, when the going got tough, decided to roll over and give up.

We must recognize this is a positive because we are able to act upon it. We have the ability to right our course, clear out the destructive elements within, and begin gaining ground again. The Nazbol stuff and the Yang Gang is a symptom of a deeper issue, and only by recognizing the root cause and weeding it out can we ever have a chance to succeed in our endeavor. The black pill is not a negative thing, and some would argue it is a necessary step. I have often said that when you give up hope that someone will come along and save you, you will start acting in a way that will ensure you can save yourself. I am afraid I will have to take that back a bit. When people lose hope that someone will come along and save them, some will begin acting in ways that ensure they can save themselves; others will begin asking for handouts like our simian cohabitants.

-By Imperator


  1. This was very helpful,thank you.I used to think maybe someone would come along and help me,etc.but I realized I have to find a way to move forward,etc.with or without help.(And God’s help) I read about the confederate soldiers and women and what they endured and it actually helps and strengthens me to say I can go on and endure too.(as well as bible verses that strengthen me and what Jesus endured)

  2. I read very little news or blogs anymore. Today is the first I’m hearing of this Yang person and its on 3 sites in a row! LOL

    Yeah, Trump seems to have collapsed, or given up, which is sad. It was always a slim hope that he’d accomplish any of his big campaign promises, but the real problem of his failure is the discrediting of nationalism and right wing politics*. That’s something i hadn’t considered, that Trump’s failure may be the right’s failure, too.

    *I’m aware that Trump isn’t actually right wing or a nationalist, but he’s the closest we’ve ever had and now anything right of him is that much less likely. The left (both sides) will use Trump as an example of the failure of right wing politics from now on.

    1. I can’t see why Yang has any following on the right unless /pol/ has gone full worse-is-better.

      “I denounce and disavow hatred, bigotry, racism, white nationalism, anti-Semitism and the alt-right in all its many forms. Full stop,” Yang said in a statement. “For anyone with this agenda, we do not want your support. We do not want your votes. You are not welcome in this campaign.”


      1. People are just releasing steam and looking for alternatives. I don’t mean to sound like a siegist or like I’ve taken the blackpill, but as the article points out, the idea we can change this all around is naïve. America is dead, our only chances are outright civil war or a third party that leads to secession. Either way, it’s preferrable to staying on course.

        Shit will hit the fan soon enough though.

    2. “It was always a slim hope that he’d accomplish any of his big campaign promises, but the real problem of his failure is the discrediting of nationalism and right wing politics” He actually accomplished more than I hoped for- like getting rid of the individual mandate. It would be naive to think that anyone could have done everything he set out to do, the system is just too rotten. As far as discrediting nationalism and right-wing politics, that shouldn’t happen except with a total failure of propaganda from our side. In fact, nationalists should be energized to action by the concerted effort of the Deep State, the Jewish media, both parties, and the Zionist NWO to derail him, and by extension, the right in general. It’s a shame if nationalists/ patriots are so easily disheartened that they could be discredited by that.

      1. Hr did get some smaller things done and made attempts at the bigger ones like the travel ban.

        As for discrediting nationalism, I mean in the eyes of normies.

  3. “To preface a bit, the Dissident Right miscalculated during the Trump candidacy. What most of us believed at the time was that the future of America was on the precipice of failure and that if we could somehow, some way, just begin to tip her back toward sanity she could be saved. We did not realize that America was already gone, for better or worse. ” If that’s true, it’s really disappointing. Everybody should have realised that the US is beyond saving, but Trump’s rhetoric should have been used for propaganda purposes, to get people to actually WANT nationalism and value national identity. That’s what European movements have done. Even now, Trump’s “failures” (mostly the lack of the wall), are not due to him, but the opposition of both parties in the government. So rather than side with the MSM, leftists etc in pointing out the “failure” of Trump, populism, nationalism or the right in general, this should be an opportunity to get the right pumped up against all the enemies that are derailing him, and his base.

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