White Knightly News Update…

Is the proper response to feminism a rejection of Christendom’s sexual etiquette? When stated bluntly, it seems an obvious mistake. As if our best weapon against the feminists is granting them their feminism:

“Ah Ha! We’ve got you now! We’re going to give up old-fashioned notions of sexual norms and accept the morbid equality you’re clamoring for!”

This is a great tactic if you’re stuck in the woods with a feminist or if you’re thrown together in some other lawless situation. She’ll realize her mistake, throw off her feminism, and desperately try to make herself useful. What the self-righteous capitulator forgets, though, is that we’re governed by a demonic machine designed to foster the feminist’s sense of independence. Cut her loose from her male protector and she revels in the resulting pseudo-equality. It’s true, years later, she’ll be lonely and surrounded by cats, but that’s a punishment too distant for a teaching device.

That said, look at the girl in the picture. Is there anyone left who would “white knight” for ones such as that one? Since virtually the entire Alternative Right (therefore, all remaining sane men) have been influenced towards the capitulation response, I suppose the job is left to me. So pull out your swords and dust off your shields, readers. We’re about to do some white knighting…

A few initial points:

– I’m a Christian and if you’re not, you wont get anything out of this post. But also, if you’re not, you’ll be hard pressed to offer a serious morality with which to counter the evils of modernity. If you’re a materialist, for example, what does it matter that one sack of atoms forsakes the old mores of a deceased civilization? Feminism would be morally equivalent to waves washing away an old sandcastle. No right or wrong in a wave – it just is what it is.

– As a Christian, it couldn’t hurt me to look at Christ as an example. He, at least, decided to “white knight” for the entire human race, despite our being unworthy (John 3:16). If He found something to love in lowly humanity, we ought to at least think twice about the dyed-haired, pierced-and-tattood degenerate we see on college campuses. Despite their whorish costumes, these feminists are made in the image of God; moreover, as women, they reflect His beauty and cleverness. Giving them up to the devil is an insult to all our mothers and all our wives; it’s an insult to the beauty of femininity itself.

–  This raises an important issue, though it’s controversial among women everywhere, even those only marginally affected by feminism: women are, in a special sense, our property. Damn me to Hell for saying it, but God gave man dominion over the Earth, women included.

For our cringing female readers, I’ll note that women are a very special type of property. Our chivalrous ancestors gave you all an honored and protected status. Feminism, if it says anything, says you ought not have this honored and protected status. Instead, you ought to be re-categorized as equal participants in the dominion mandate; as co-laborers. This move, of course, makes “families” more like corporations of legal partners rather than sacred institutions. And, as we’ve seen, corporations can break up and rearrange as circumstances require.

By the way, all women know this deep down. The degenerate ones take advantage of it more often than the others. For example, a feminist recently tweeted that her sterilization surgery was a big “F-You” to all the white nationalists. She’s saying, essentially:

“Ha! I’m one of your women, but I’m neutering myself. This will hurt you because it hurts the whole race!”

Another example are the women who race mix. They’re keenly aware of who owns them, which is why they cast malicious glances at their fathers or at other white men when they lock lips with their chosen negro. They might not be able to put it in these words, but it’s a concept as old as time. When the savages come, they come for the women. There’s no better way to demoralize an enemy than by stealing and degrading the finer sex.

–  Which brings me to my final point. While I may only have a few practical words of advice for those unfortunate fathers, cousins, or men otherwise related to a feminist, the most important thing I’d urge them to keep in mind is that the devil is robbing us of our most precious possessions and we ought to be damned to the seventh level of Hell if we simply let them go, uncontested.

There. That’s the psychology of this white knight, at least.

I’ll be accused of all sorts of sexual depravity (“you just want to get laid; you want a feminist to have sex with you but she never will; you’re pathetic”)…etc. etc. ad infinitum. I know what you’re all thinking and I simply don’t care. I am a man, yes. I do want to get married and have sex. You got me. Insult all you’d like, I’m not moving on this issue. I love femininity itself, too much.

If there’s a way to save even one, I’ll find it…

…and I’ll let you all know when I do.

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