When the Levee Breaks

This article will be a bit different than my previous posts. While I prefer more formal articles written in a more standard essay format, this one will be from my own perspective and will discuss a realization I have had recently, acting relatively as a ‘stream of consciousness’ so to speak. The title may be a bit misleading; this post is not about the classic Led Zeppelin tune, but revolves around a quite different topic.

To start, I would like to begin by discussing how I came to my “realization.” It was not so much a realization as it was the simple noticing of a certain trend among many who subscribe to the Southern Nationalist ideological persuasion. I was having a discussion with some friends of mine, who will not be named, about the degradation of American society and what it is like to live in such an atrophied country. One of them brought up the fact that many within our circles and friends have finally snapped. Their minds “broke,” so to speak, in that they no longer associate themselves with the culture, norms, or symbols of American society. They simply can no longer stand the degeneracy and anti-Southern, anti-Christian filth that often typifies the average American and urban landscape they occupy.

To best describe what I am speaking of, I will use myself as an example. I used to be a flag waving patriot who was proud to say the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the “Star Spangled Banner.” Now, I have no love for America or this God forsaken Union. I no longer fly the American flag, preferring to fly the Rebel Flag, and have totally enveloped myself in the history and symbols of our people, Southerners. My people have had a genocidal war waged against us for quite some time now, and I no longer wish to support or serve the Empire that longs for our death. The anti-Southern sentiments, degeneracy, feminism, government subsidized demographic shifts, Carpetbagging, hyper-individualism, treason among the elite, drugs, crime, the obvious transformation into a more degenerate Soviet Union, etc., have driven me to the point of asking myself, “Why the hell should I support this anymore?” Even when I attempt to find solace in church attendance, all I see is infiltrated campfire gatherings of Republican Boomer fantasies. There is so little fire-and-brimstone preaching anymore and so few stances taken against degeneracy and multicultural, anti-nationalist Babylonism that I no longer feel much of a desire to attend any longer. Churches now preach the exact same thing the Communists were saying during the 60’s Cultural Revolution but with “Jesus Loves You” added to the mix. Keep in mind that I am speaking of Baptist churches, what were the most staunchly right-wing churches just 2 generations ago.

I have had enough, and many others I know have had it as well. We now choose to envelope ourselves in the symbols or ideologies of other passed societies, such as England (or more specifically Anglicanism and not so much England), the Confederacy, the Texas Revolution, New Orleans, or some other nation and unique place that this country birthed life into, but the desire to be a “Good American” has totally subsided within our minds.

This guy, who is not a Southern Nationalist as we are, has completely distanced himself from America worship and has very valuable things to say.

During Hurricane Katrina, the levees that protected New Orleans from Lake Pontchartrain busted, flooding the city with water and causing massive devastation. The state of the mind I am referring to is a bit like that, except without the negative connotations. Something in the mind figuratively breaks when it faces the reality of our situation, leading the people previously mentioned down the paths we are on now. The alternative is to simply go down the “Murica” route and relentlessly love an Empire that hates you, while surrounding yourself with decadence and profligacy, a mindset I unfortunately must blame the Boomers for. However, the Boomer’s destructive nature is a tangent for another day.

In that particular conversation, the friend of mine that was mentioned called our society “pure Death.” He said that nothing is worth fighting for in this Empire and does nothing but crush and destroy you by any means possible, hoping to regulate your life to hypersexuality, corn syrup, Walmart, and meaninglessness. The mind will eventually find something else to give it genuine purpose, and thankfully, the mindset that I am describing is the more positive option of taking the black pill on American society. The alternative is those individuals, largely incels who cannot cope with the world they live in, decide to harm others.

While Rural America is quite lacking in quality these days, due to drugs and the dysgenic effect of Brain Drain induced by mass movement to cities, Urban America displays a remarkable ability to bring out the absolute worst in people and attract the worst people from across the nation. This characteristic no longer exclusively resides on the West Coast, or in the North, but now spans the entire Empire and every city it produces. The city I live in has rapidly downgraded in quality since the beginning of the Obama years; which is quite unfortunate being that I can visit no place that provides an escape from this fact. I took a trip with some friends down to Biloxi, MS and felt as though I was in a totally different place, as if I was no longer in Dixie. Much of this is due to the retired Boomers, degenerate casino lifstyle, the Orientals that flooded in during the 70’s and still have yet to integrate, and the now large, and growing, population of Hispanics living there. This is the reality of American life now.

The mind of those who take strong stances on morality, or genuinely care about their societies, cannot withstand these conditions without some sort of coping mechanism. This is where the levee eventually breaks. Many of us simply cope by dissociating ourselves with the Empire and find other ideologies and symbols to give ourselves new purpose and productivity. The other means are engaging in the degeneracy or worshiping the flag and becoming a hyper-patriot style gun enthusiast; we all can think of the latter types off the tops of our heads.

Anyway, that is my thoughts on the idea. Since you, the reader, were able to make it to the end, here is a link to the song you probably thought this article was about. A quite fitting song.


  1. I could never turn against my own people in preference of ‘the other,’ and I think that is why, at the end of the day, all of that nonsense about “American Exceptionalism” I learned as an ignorant youngster finally “came to a head” during my late thirties-early forties. My father (now deceased, but a great man in important respects) used to say of me that he had “raised a monster.” What he meant was that he had somehow raised a young man whose tendency in adulthood was to “think outside the box,” in spite of my flag-waving pro-America in all things education. This should not have been a mystery to a man who instinctively resisted all new innovations imposed upon his favored ‘American Creed,’ but it seems to have been in any case.

    Your article reads as a bit disjointed. Don’t get me wrong in saying that; I find that disjointed thought is sometimes the best kind; it is a necessary passage-way into greater truths. I wouldn’t lay all the blame on the Boomers; if you go farther back in time, you recognize that the Boomers were really just the products of their own immediate forbears taken naturally to a new level. Nevertheless, we can never dishonor our fathers and mothers, although they be poor; if and when we do, we become subject to the curse inflicted upon those who do. Like, for example, the Yankee.

      1. Yeah. I like the disjointed nature of the post; it tends to be instructive in its own way, although it might take awhile for the average guy to see it.

        Identity Dixie is kind of (kind of) new to me, but you will notice I am fairly quick to point out obvious faults with certain posts while simultaneously avoiding putting my head in the proverbial guillotine. That will all change in the relatively near future. Stay tuned. As I have said many times before, it is much easier to criticize an author than it is to be one (an author) and field that criticism.

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