Weimerica’s War Machine

This article, for those still indoctrinated by the machinations of Weimerica, may arouse feelings of instinctive rebuke and stir controversy among those still under portions of their NPC programming. If this applies to you, before reading this article any further, I ask you to consider keeping an open mind and hear what I have to say before you decide to emotionally turn off.

Don’t mistake what I am saying as not supporting the troops. I do support them, after all, I once was a soldier. While I was not so much boots-on-the-ground, I was part of the apparatus of the “All Seeing Eye.” I do not carry the same scars other GWOT veterans carry, but I do have a number from the role I played. They are in my head and my soul. A stain that only others, who carry such similar scars, can understand. While I have managed to largely cope with them, I am none the less still damaged by them. It is only natural per warfare.

I was brought up to be a military man. At a young age, when I decided I wanted to serve in the armed forces, this was encouraged and supported by my family. Like many Southerners, service is something I can trace. My grandfather served in Korea and while my own father didn’t serve in the armed forces, he did serve in a public capacity as a paramedic and a firefighter. I followed my grandfather by joining the Army. It wasn’t always the plan per se, but I knew early on the military was something I wanted to do. Originally, the goal was to be a pilot. And, like many kids, I wanted to fly fighter jets. That didn’t pan out, but I found myself still in the military.

What I want to highlight are the predatory recruitment tactics used by the Weimerican armed forces. This comes from not only deeply ingrained programming on the part of all those involved in recruitment activities, but the larger public itself that outright supports it. I am, by definition, what happens when one falls from grace. I make no excuse for my mistakes and failings throughout my life, but they were easily preyed upon by the war machine of the military industrial complex. This is a machine which thrives and is now a critical cornerstone to the continued existence of the modern American Empire.

Once upon a time, when I was under its spell, I held the military institutions as the last bastions of what was still the remnant of Old America. I believed myself to be serving our grandparent’s country. This ivory tower dream was quickly torn down by reality. That’s not to say there still aren’t holdouts or exceptions, but I had no idea what I was getting into and only had stars in my eyes like most young recruits.

My personal fall and previous motivations, lined up perfectly for an easy target for the war machine of the American Empire. This was only further worsened by a damaged mental state caused by the death of my mother. I had left college and had no real idea what I wanted to do with my life, aside from the military. At the time, and like many other Southerners with nowhere to go and no other options, I put my name on that line not fully understanding the consequences of such an action. I only wanted to run from the pain I felt and have some sense of normalcy. This moment of weakness would change my life forever and mold me into the person I am today.

The predatory recruitment tactics utilized by the machine are something that must be discussed, if we are to have an objective conversation about the necessity for Southern Independence. It is critical to understand why such tactics are damaging to our identity as Southerners and serve to ultimately destroy or undermine our occupied nation. The indoctrination starts at youth. It moves from more subtle to overt techniques, which impact the conscious and subconscious of Southerners. From the waving of American flags to the twisting of “Support Our Troops.” Such things require no external input by their creators as they have become self perpetuating. The masses of NPCs will correct anyone who steps out of line. This is both the beauty and horror of good propaganda. If you have found yourself partaking in such behavior – congratulations, you are brainwashed.

It’s one matter to arrive at a position because you have done so organically (as in, through your own internal assessment) by analyzing facts and taking into account your position. This is the clear sign of information versus propaganda. With propaganda, it is easy to trace its roots to your subconscious because you will never really be able to pinpoint where the thought originated from, but only a vague idea as to when.

Despite this, not all propaganda is bad. Don’t take what I’m saying as “propaganda is bad.” Propaganda is neutral. People are stubborn creatures of habit and often it takes either traumatic or external factors to influence how people behave at a deep level. Breaking down all this subterfuge is necessary to expose how the predatory recruitment tactics of the armed forces work and how they play into already established indoctrination. Now that I have largely generalized, let’s talk about situations we can observe within our society and why these tactics are predatory.

Overwhelmingly, Southerners make up a good bulk of the American armed forces. Why is that? Let’s take a look at some reasons as to why:

  • The South is overwhelmingly more patriotic than other regions of the Empire;
  • Military service has always been a Southern tradition;
  • Southerners have, on average, less income than Yankees;
  • Southerners, in many places throughout the South, have less opportunities available to them;
  • Blood and soil has always meant more to Southerners and
  • We are a conquered nation.

When we observe these bullet points, it begins to paint a clear picture as to why Southerners make up the largest percentage of military service members to the American Empire. We fought both in the Revolution, but the War of Northern Aggression. In the South, if you serve, you have earned your status as a man. It is arguably necessary in some cases.

Like any conquered nation, or nation that surrenders unconditionally, they often become a colony of their new overlords. As such, almost anything is fair game. And, in our case, it is not only the resources of our rich land, but the resources our people provide. By playing off these factors and traditions for the sole benefit of the American Empire, it is evidently clear that the recruitment tactics used by the armed forces are predatory to take advantage of the warlike Southerner. Thus, the Janissary Class is propagated.

This isn’t to say military service can’t benefit one’s self. It did me. It put me through trade school, but the question you need to ask yourself before you sign your name on that dotted line is: “Is it worth it?

I did not take into consideration everything I was losing, until I lost it. In civilian life, if you don’t like where you work, you can quit. Don’t like your boss? Tell him. But, in the military, it’s much different. Once they have you, they have you. You can’t simply leave. It doesn’t work like that – you can’t just walk away. You are stuck and, more often than not, at the cost of your mental health. Why do you think so many military men turn to alcohol, drugs or excessive smoking to deal with not only the stress, but other problems that arise from being in the military?

It’s no cake walk. Your civilian employer cannot reduce or withhold your pay for months at a time. Your boss cannot just walk into your house and start digging through it because “regulations allow them.” Your livelihood is not permanently effected by legal consequences, which can follow you around your entire life, because you stepped out of line at the office (either intentionally or by accident). Worse case in the civilian world, if someone has a vendetta against you, you get fired. Worse case in the military, you get dishonorably discharged, no one wants to hire you and you lose your “constitutionally protected right” to ever own a gun again.

The point I’m making with all this doom and gloom is: if you are thinking about putting your name on that line understand it’s final. You gave your word and there is no going back on that. Be fully aware and educated on what you are getting into. Talk to other veterans or active duty personnel. Understand that if you are doing it, it’s for you and no one else, including the Empire. All the other periphery nonsense is just that, junk. It holds no meaning. It’s only meant to get you in the door and get your guard down.

Promises of stability, pay, respect, brotherhood, etc. – it’s a pretty bow on top of the presents under the Christmas tree. It’s meant to entice you. There is one thing you will never get back if you decide to go ahead and do it, that is your time. You will never get those years back that you could have been doing something different or better. Consider all your options. Those years you spend in the military can be the best years of your life and you will have absolutely no say on them. Why give them to an Empire that can no longer even win wars, but that also hates Old America, Dixie and your heritage? Who is to say you don’t end up dead on the other side of the world in some war that serves no benefit to the South; or come back with physical or mental trauma that will haunt you for the rest of your life?

The “global” (see globalist) War on Terror has been occurring since 2001. Let that sink in for a moment. To what end have we benefited from this war(s)? Trillions of dollars down the drain spent rebuilding foreign countries in an elaborate transfer of wealth, while our own nation crumbles around us? Sons and daughters who will never come home and even enjoy something as simple as a deep breath of clean mountain air? All of this occurs as the military industrial complex grows rich off your tax dollar funding via government contracts and an exploited sense of patriotism. It’s a sucker’s game. Why add fuel to this already flaming wreck when you can abstain (for now, at least) and utilize your efforts to better yourself, your family and your community? Places where it can and will make a real difference.

Take it from someone who has been there, done that and got the t-shirt. It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It is my hope in reading this I’ve highlighted to you how the Weimerican war machine takes advantage of your character, as a Southerner, and hopefully have convinced you to reconsider what could be an absolutely fruitful future or an absolutely devastating one. I know it took full advantage of me and I will never get that back. Now, I am left to pick up the pieces of what is left of my life in hopes that I’ll be able to do right by God and our people.

God bless you and God bless Dixie.


  1. “Yankee Empire” (Aggressive Abroad and Despotic at Home) by the Kennedy brothers. Highly recommended and complimentary to this article. Thanks Otto.

  2. Well put. I well remember my first encounter with a recruiter. He came to our small school (250 kids K-12) in NW Arkansas and gave a big speech about how great it all was. He pulled up in a flashy Mustang Cobra (Lord how I loved that car) and I remember saying ‘Your chances of getting killed over there are really very low.’ The whole thing seemed so wrong and odd to me; thankfully it did, as many of my relatives served and I very well could’ve been there with them. I have one buddy who still struggles with his time there. The bastard was there reaping grain the easy way. I shall never forget that. Thank you for this write up. It’s brought it back fresh to my mind.

  3. Thank you for having the courage to write on this subject. Coming from someone who has experienced the MIC firsthand gives it the necessary weight required to get the attention of those who need to read this. I’m not one of them. I am, however, someone who wants this to reach the target audience. In order to do so, I would recommend editing the article for spelling errors and ways to streamline the first part of the article to get right to the point. As a full-time “reader” I don’t mind wading through long build-ups to get where I’m going, however the target audience most likely won’t have that amount of patience. Once again, the importance of this article can not be understated. The means of delivery must be tailored to the young men of the South.

    1. Believe it or not this was the short version of it. I could double if not triple the length of the article talking about this subject by going into more explicit detail on things but I refrained. I’m usually pretty good about catching various grammar mistakes during the drafting and editing phases however some slip through the cracks and don’t get caught by the editorial staff sometimes. There’s noting I can really do about it but be more thorough on my end which I’ll make an effort to do. Thank you for bringing these points up. I’ll consider them in the future. I may write a follow on article to this.

      1. I encourage you to do more on this theme. A whole series would be a very welcome education. You are basically deconstructing what “Reconstruction” accomplished.

      2. There’s nothing I can really do about it but be more thorough on my end which I’ll make an effort to do.

        You know what Francis Bacon said about that, right?:

        Reading maketh a full man; conference a steady man; but writing maketh a man exact.

        Good article! Very important and relevant topic. For what it’s worth, I concur with Messrs. Swor and Fenian: at the risk of seeming presumptuous, I think you should seriously consider writing an essay-length article on this subject, then break it down into smaller ‘bite sized’ pieces or parts to more accommodate some of the common deficiencies of the target audience. But again, well done, Sir.

  4. I, too, served in the Empire’s armed forces for just over nine years. I must admit that my reasons for enlisting were absolutely stupid, and I shall always feel ashamed for having signed that line. I can also claim quite loudly that I hated just about every day that I was a part of their military organization. That’s one of the reasons that I loathe their Memorial Day and July 4th celebrations, and the flag-waving and misty-eyed adulation that accompany them. I try to avoid all of the stuff that surrounds these ‘holidays’, detest Lee Greenwood’s homage-to-america as I do the plague, and all the looks on people’s faces when I’m being “white-eyed” for refusing to recite their pledges or sing their Anthem. I try to remain in my seat when they request that all veterans “please stand so that we may recognize and thank you for your service”. It disgusts me, and always takes me days to get past my self-loathing for having been a part of their machinations.

    When speaking to young people who are considering enlisting, I always advocate against it. But, if they must go, I always push for the National Guard or another State organization instead of the Federal. I try to explain and educate them that they are SOUTHERNERS first, and not property of the godless Empire that is america. That they are a member of a true Nation or tribe of people, and not a tribute to a multi-cultural conglomerate, and that their allegiance is much better served here in their home state, rather than helping to project Imperial domination around the globe.

    So, sir, thank you for your timely and substantive article.



    1. Do you support the right of peoples, tongues and nations to exist independently of, and defend themselves against, the nefarious/malevolent designs and influences of ZOG or ZOG-like enemies, foreign or domestic? If so, you support (Just) warfare, armies formed to the purpose, and the troops that make them up. E.g., the Confederates.

      1. How has the American military supported the rights of its original, God worshiping people in the last 100 years? Heck, go back 200 years. The military works to keep Israel independent of the truth, justice, and destruction. The only thing the military does is serve the interests of ZOG against the people of the land its comprised of. I will never understand how a White Christian would ever join and kill Isreal’s enemies while helping Israel kill us. PTSD is a taste of whats in store for these “honorable” veterans.

  5. How has the American military supported the rights of its original, God worshiping people in the last 100 years? Heck, go back 200 years. …

    Doug: Your question would be more properly or better directed at someone who believes it (the American military) has in fact supported/defended the rights of the original, God-worshipping people. I never said, nor implied, it had in my question to you above. Unless of course you equate the Confederates with “the American military” of which you speak. I assume not, but I’ve been known to assume wrongly before, so it wouldn’t be the first time. …

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