Undermining the National Superego

Psychology and nationalism. Sigismund Schlomo Freud developed (or likely stole) the idea of the “Id, the ego, and the super-ego“. The concept broke human psychology into three basic parts, and was first outlined in Beyond the Pleasure Principle and was later fleshed out in The Ego and the Id – 1920 and 1923 respectively. He was also the uncle to one Edward Bernays – if that name rings a bell, that is because he was a propagandist for the US government and wrote the following books: Crystallizing Public Opinion (1923), Propaganda (1928), Public Relations (1945), The Engineering of Consent (1955).

He also bankrolled his uncle’s work, helped push tobacco use on women, created a front group called the Middle America Information Bureau that sought to put a positive spin on Central America for corporate interests, and also helped the Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa) and other special interest groups to convince the American public that water fluoridation was safe and beneficial to human health. This was achieved through the American Dental Association. He also helped bring the concept of publicity stunts to politics, with the ‘Breakfast Pancakes’ stunt for Calvin Coolidge, as well as allegedly helping a conspiracy between the US government and his corporate interests in Latin America (namely the United Fruit Company, int. – later rename Chiquita Brands) overthrow a democratically elected president in Guatemala, one Jacobo Arbenz Guzman.

Now, to tie this all back to ‘Fetter’ Freud and his work on the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. The Id represents the most basic and primitive of human desires – food, power, resources, sex/reproduction. This is the innate desire for things in their unadulterated form. In short, it is the will to acquire, unbound by any moderating effects.

The Ego, on the other hand, is the self-preservation aspect of one’s mentality. It’s one of the aspects of the inner self that helps restrain the Id, if for self-serving purposes – even the most shameless womanizer thinks twice before trying to have a tryst with a man whose physical/social power vastly overshadows his own.

Lastly there is the Superego – this is one’s sense of morality, social norms, and ideals. These are things that are ingrained from both one’s parents, as well as one’s society. Let’s take that same womanizer, and give him a straight and narrow upbringing and a highly religious society and those learned ideals will further restrain him from misbehaving with another man’s waifu. Furthermore, the Superego reflects one’s ideal self – the drive to better oneself in accordance to both personal and societal goals. A man in a society that values intelligence will be more rigorous in his studies, yet that same man may hold ideals about the need for struggle and improvement and seek physical growth as well.

Now, I’d like to take these concepts and enumerate on a few things. I’ll start with what a fallen society would look like, and then contrast that to a vital and healthy society.

In a fallen society one’s culture would fixate on the Id. It would promote a feel-good attitude and seek constant gratification for the base desires of it’s citizenry. In such a society, you would expect the arts to glorify random sex – despite the consequences to one’s health (ego) or “repressive” norms (superego). In order to subvert or minimize the influence of the ego, this society would necessarily need to wear it down by training the populace to see even the most trivial and inconsequential things as being existential threats – think of, say, the idea that mere words can be violent.

To subvert the superego, that nation would need to attack it’s own cultural norms, history, heroes – it’s very identity by relentless deconstructionism. To amplify this, that same society could invent entirely new cultures and import still more – all of which would be antithetical to the old, by it’s very otherness. These new and imported cultures will then essentially Balkanize the collective spirit of that society, as they would be upheld as virtuous and benevolent – thus causing the old culture to lose it’s sway over it’s people.

This is very Weimar (from
The Personification of Weimerica’s Superego

Ladies and gentleman, if you cannot think of an example of such a society – look no further than outside your very doorstep. Whores tramp around and commit lewd acts on stage and screen, Negroes rapping about unfaithful “hoes” and lynching your children, the socially enforced taboo against honoring your ancestors who bequeathed you your ideals (and thus your sense of superego), dindunuffinz getting away with assaulting your children and parents while the cops shrug and try to obfuscate the issue into oblivion, alien communities creating ghettos across your land and voting for assholes who’ll go on live television and tell you about how they’re going to take this country from you – and all of it is supported by mainstream media and the entertainment industry.

Now, let us picture an ideal society. People have their innate desires, and will seek to fulfill them. However, the ego limits the most extreme desires as the police are able to do their jobs without having special interest groups sue them into nonexistence at the drop of a hat. Furthermore, the superego is universal so that people are able to navigate social interactions in such a way that the vast majority of people can fulfill the Id without resorting to committing monstrous crimes. Furthermore, because of the ease of social interactions, people generally live at peace and are able to focus on industriousness. The social norms and culture would promote things that unify us, encourage us to act in a conscientious way, and because of the homogeneity of culture and folk we would be generally able to do so. Instead of a feedback loop of endless degeneracy and depravity, we would have a feedback loop for righteousness and stability. It would not be the good and virtuous who are aberrations, but the sick and the mad. This is the society we lost.

-By JJ

Inspiration for this article and recommended reading is The Fall of Western Man


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