Turning Our Backs to God

We’ve done this to ourselves.  The child drag queens stripping for money, hostile invading hordes being welcomed with open arms, females running the country, rapes, murders, drive-by-shootings, adultery, extreme pornography; all of these are the consequences of our modern lifestyle. We can attempt to argue with the thought, “but we, ourselves, have been living virtuously.

We are not perfect and I will never say I’m a paragon of virtue.  I drink too much, I smoke cigarettes, I swear too much and I struggle with the typical temptations of a red blooded man. But, despite my flaws, I try to be better. The nihilistic and atheistic society we live in now would have no problem with those issues (other than smoking tobacco), but we shouldn’t strive to be slightly better than the hellscape we currently reside in. 

Neo-Faustian desires to “travel to Mars” (or similar spacefaring sentiments that permeate across the Dissident Right) are also derived directly from the self-centered egoist mindset that plagues much of the Right. This is one of our failings. Why go to Mars? What purpose does that serve?  Okay, we go to Mars, what next? Now we’ve subjugated the solar system. Now we expand further. 

Sure, it sounds cool and fun, but it is a fantasy from fallen men who are currently wishing to abandon their duties to God and their people in the here and now. “If we could just get to Mars things would be better. If we didn’t have blacks we would be expanding into the Alpha Centauri system.” Regardless, we have widespread black dysfunction and crime here. This is beyond wishful thinking, especially so when yearning for conquering space is done so sincerely. The consequences of the previous generations come for us. We live in a society of loans and delayed pain. We are feeling that pain now and we’re going to pay those loans in full.

Slavery isn’t the original sin, that was disobeying God the Father, but we are still dealing with the most basic consequences of that action. Until we can come to terms with that, we will never be able to solve the problems we have today. The problems we are dealing with now are better than we truly deserve.  The thousands of child marriages in the US, the abuse scandals in the churches (Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, Evangelical, Methodist, Presbyterian), female genital mutilation rising, plummeting birth rates, the reduction of White Christians to a plurality in the US.  These are the consequences of our actions and the actions of previous generations. 

The blind hubris of both the modern Left and Right, that they know better than God, is absurd and suicidal. No wonder we have failing birthrates, extreme poverty and wealth disparity, failing church attendance, mass migration, rising levels of atheism and paganism or the destruction of family units and communities. But, we cry out, “I’m different. I don’t like those things.You’re not different, you have been derelict in your duties to God, your family and your community.

We will see things get worse before they get better. If you think it’s bad now, try to imagine the horrors that will be plastered across every television in Weimerica in ten years. And, we will be tempted by the Faustian bargain.  Many, who we count as allies, are perfectly met in our modern world.  Technology and sciencism rules the planet, you have a tiny computer with you at all times and enjoy the fruits of that constantly.  You may even be reading this on your smart phone, I’m writing this on a tablet.  The health concerns of these devices and very new technology is quickly pushed out of sight as to not alarm any of the cattle.

We will see our friends, families and communities suffer and falter, but rather than abandon them when they are vulnerable, we must lift them back up, lest they fall fully back into PissEarth. 

This is about us being good stewards of creation. Taking care of our brothers and sisters and nations (in the biblical sense, not the modern nation-state).  We become good stewards so that we may return to the full grace of God after our time here and that we may honor those who came before by leaving a better world for those who follow behind us after our departure. 

In all things we suffer tribulation, but are not distressed; we are straitened, but are not destitute;  We suffer persecution, but are not forsaken; we are cast down, but we perish not:  Always bearing about in our body the mortification of Jesus, that the life also of Jesus may be made manifest in our bodies.

2 Corinthians 4:8-10 (Douay-Rheims)

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  1. Never kick a man when he’s down. Offer a hand and help him back up. We are not superior to others just because we are ahead of the curve.

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