Trump: The Best Chance We’ve Got

Trump has thrown the gauntlet. Now, more than ever, he needs soldiers who are ready to do meme battle. It is time to don our armor and take up the shield of faith to help him fight the anti-white J-left agenda.

Donald Trump is not a Southern Nationalist. His Mar-a-Lago home in Florida could be considered “the den of a carpetbagger” if we are being purists. But, he has declared himself a nationalist, and we have little choice but to support whatever brand of nationalism he believes himself to adhere to. Simply put, he’s all we’ve got right now.

I understand the arguments that we aren’t going to change anything through the democratic process. That process is rigged against us anyway. All you have to do is look at the situation in California. They’ve had a secessionist movement called “Calexit” percolating and building steam since Trump took office, yet it will never happen under the current system. Too many Abraham Lincoln sycophants still believe in this contemptuous idea that “saving the Union” is somehow the highest moral imperative.

No, we’ve likely passed the point of no return on any kind of democratic process saving anything. Regardless, we must continue to add energy and momentum to populism and nationalism. The democratic process is by necessity a pendulum, and since at least the 1930s, the motivating force that feeds that pendulum has come primarily from the Left. Rightward swings have only come when the Left has lost credibility. Trumpianism has been the first legitimate instance of right-wing (dragon) energy pushing back in a very long time.

Now is not the time to let up. Democratic processes be damned, if Trump succeeds in getting the Democrats to break on this wall funding issue, he’ll have proven to conservative leaning “normies,” for the first time since Richard Nixon (at the very least), that collectivizing for our own interests and fighting back is the winning strategy going forward. After all, we’ll never win the long term war if we can’t work toward common interests.

Trump will address the nation on the crisis at the southern border tonight. It is our duty as Southern Nationalists to, at the very least, support him rhetorically. Please tune in tonight.

He’s not our only hope, but he’s the best chance we’ve got.

-By Dixie Anon


  1. Many Southrons are of the mindset that our path lies in taking over the GOP from within. This is delusional. But, we MUST become political, radically political. We need a strong grassroots effort to establish a SOUTHERN NATIONALIST PARTY. Yes. I know. It was tried before. I’ve heard all the arguments against it. Personally, they don’t interest me. WE MUST GIVE WHITE SOUTHERNERS A REASON TO REGISTER AND VOTE WITH US.

    And we need to start yesterday.

    1. In time. If you ask me there are bigger fish to fry such as the demographic crisis that if we don’t get a handle on we are screwed in the long run. It is why they are so desperate to stop the wall because they know the wall will work. Their plan for us is replacement and if that fails so does any chance of them permanently seizing power.

  2. We have to believe in his sincerity here. We also have to understand his ego and psychology. Ann Coulter is doing a great job of holding his feet to the fire rather than fanning his balls. It takes both being critical when he deserves our criticisms and supporting him when he seems to be trying.

  3. The ultimate goal of the (((globalists))) is to dilute the united States to the point it is a third world country no longer able to sustain or defend itself. This effects not only the empire, but unfortunately Dixie too.
    Trump is the only President in my lifetime to do a damn thing about it, and to that end I will support him.
    As stated above, he is not a Southern Nationalist, but a Nationalist, and at this time, he is the best we got.

    1. It wasn’t a fireworks kind of speech, but he did set a tone and I particularly enjoyed the fact that he called out the gated community phenomenon.

      He’s targeting elitists with his rhetoric, and we know who the (((elites))) are.

  4. Trump is probably the last gasp of traditional America even if he himself isn’t really traditional. If his immigration agenda fails it’s all over. Texas will go blue and the GOP, even in its current worthless state, won’t be able to elect a president so they’ll slide further left to ‘remain relevant’ and the dems will do the same. Whatever faults Trump has, he’s our Obi Wan.

    ‘They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside’

    Great quote!

    There’s talk of declaring a State of emergency and bypassing congress. Trump seems to know the wall is key to both his legacy and any hope of reelection.

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