Traditionalism and “Optics Cuckery”

The Alt-Right movement is, at its core, one that is irate with the Kali Yuga that is Jewish postmodernism. Many of us rail at length about the inherent degeneracy of the latter, in ways ranging from the serious to the not so serious (white sharia – it’s just a meme), but the point remains the same: the times we live in are perilous to the soul of our people and Schlomo does this on purpose to break our spirit and make us more susceptible to his conditioning. Needless to say, I was more than a little surprised when on multiple fronts this weekend, I got attacked as an “optics cuck” for suggesting the people in our movement need to be professional looking and of character that is beyond reproach.

My understanding of an optics cuck is that he is one who seeks to neuter the central premise of what we are about in order to attract the normies. Don’t call yourself a national socialist, goy, socialism is a dirty word! Don’t talk about Jews or IQ differences, goy! And so on. Fundamentally betraying the ideology to foster a bigger tent is self-destructive. Hitler said as much in Mein Kampf, noting that in such a situation, the original members of the party would not recognize what it had become if the party watered down its message so as to attract huge waves of people. Those of us who migrated from libertarianism to the Alt-Right saw this first hand, albeit on a smaller scale, when the push for social liberalism turned the party into screeching Cultural Marxists thanks to a comically misguided attempt to try to grow the base beyond white males. Though I do owe a debt to those who made that error, because they helped to set me free from the buggish nightmare that is libertarianism.

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These are good optics

What sticks in my craw here is that traditionalism and a return to the behavioral mores of the 1950s are both central planks of our platform. Jokes and memes of shoes and white sharia are apparently all good when directed at our ideological enemies, but it is not okay to expect exemplary behavior on the part of our own people? If anything, we must be even more vigilant about our public image given the steep uphill climb we face thanks to 75 years of Jewish social conditioning against our ideas. The shining light on a hill, far from being an unnecessary focus on optics, is essential. We preach against degeneracy, and we must live those words in our daily lives as well. The leaders of the various white identitarian groups recognize this fact explicitly, as we can see from the dicta to dress cleanly and uniformly in the public marches and to leave the regalia of the Third Reich at home. It is a handful of the rank and file who disagree – while wearing the uniform in public gatherings. An implicit admission that optics are important. White polos and khakis, or the black uniforms of the TWP are chosen for a reason.

The person who fought me on this most vociferously, who shall remain nameless, was offended due to a perceived attack on certain cosmetic alterations he has made to his person over the years. The past cannot be undone. We all have done things that, in a past life, seemed to be a sound life choice. With a new outlook comes the realization that this was not so. To say as much is not an attack, but a recognition of errors made. It demonstrates self-awareness, not hypocrisy.

Being wise to the Jewish question is not a get out of jail free card for our people. We can and must carefully police our image, lest we become the very parody that Hollywood creates in garbage such as American History X or the first season of Justified. If blue hair is not acceptable for society at large, it is not acceptable in our circles. Be the white light shining in darkness.

-By Goy Rogers

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  1. Great article and of course, it’s more than just ‘optics’ for the sake of optics. That which is shown on the outside is often a window to the soul. We have to actually BE that which the enemy hates- the moral, the decent, the honorable, the true, the good and the beautiful. You said it best yourself with that excellent ending, “Be the white light shining in darkness”.

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