The Up-and-Coming Shithole

Well, Trump did it again.  He successfully wadded the undergarments of the political class and the journalism cult by making an observation that anyone not blinded by self-righteous delusion might make.

For the liberals among us, the audacity of the President to characterize a tiny island nation out in the ocean as a “shithole” seems to concern them significantly more than the truth of the statement.  There is a similar attitude among them when addressing the similar shitholes often found in their own back yards.

Haiti, being a diminutive country that consists of only half of an island, serves as a microcosm for the Africa-flavored blight that can be found in any city.  The misguided sympathies of the naturally dominant European stock are being squandered on an ever-growing, but never evolving, mass of African ex-patriots who seem to be incapable of acting in their own best interests in any meaningful, self-sustaining way.

Much like the diversity-scarred cities of the United States, Haiti must not be seen by liberals as just another bad neighborhood, but instead as a perpetually “up and coming” area, waiting for the good will of whites to elevate its plucky, determined citizenry to the dignified heights to which they would surely have already ascended if not for the unfortunate racist scorn heaped upon their dusky shoulders by the White Man.

Perhaps Haiti simply requires gentrification.  Perhaps we should send our gays, hippies, and aging punk-rockers to open a few craft breweries and art galleries.  After all, Haiti is on the upswing, and what it really requires is the attention of an entertainment-obsessed elite ready to grace it with their good intentions.  


There is a social taboo among the hip and yuppie-fied:  Never, under any circumstances, refer to the bad parts of town as the bad parts of town.  Not because they are not bad; this is not the contention.  The cause of the decline of any negro-inhabited area is the racism and calloused attitudes of the white population, and, for this reason, it is wholly unacceptable for the white male to express any reservations about the quality of the community.  It would be Shangri-La if not for the attitudes of the white working class, and yet, with enough attention from the white elites and a brand-new dance studio in the former crackhouse, it will rise again and become the next Harlem-Renaissance-Era Harlem, eventhough Harlem itself ceased to be the Harlem-Renaissance-Era Harlem decades ago.

America’s blighted urban landscapes and the once prosperous Haiti have something in common worth noting for the modern white man:  Instead of being trophies won by the discipline and dedication of White Europeans, they are the boobie prizes effortlessly handed out by the carnival of diversity.  Western Civilization has sacrificed its energies, its territories, and sadly, many of its people on an altar of equality to the false god of modernity that only grows more jealous and malcontented each day.  Strangest of all, it is the elite of the white population who are this false god’s highest priests.

– By Robert E. Lieberman


  1. The altright will say it is the presence of negroes that has made Haiti a shithole. But the negroes were there when Haiti was the Pearl of the Caribbean, so we know that’s not true. It is the absence of white supremacy that has made Haiti a shithole.

    A similar phenomenon has taken place in Mississippi. The negroes have been there all along so that is not the reason for the state of MS today. It is not the presence of the negro but the overthrow of white supremacy over the negro that is to blame for the decline.

    1. With white supremacy and some slave backs to build upon, Haiti could be filled with beautiful plantations comparable to Napa Valley. I happen to know where an abundance of well adapted, melaninated field slaves could be gotten at yardsale prices…but noooo.

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